NOTW: Butter London Perfect Prezzie

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I know I've been blogging a little less than usual recently, but once classes finish up and my hellish finals are over, I should be back to my normal schedule. Hopefully when that time finally rolls around, I'll also be back to sleeping and routine showering as well. =)

Until then, though, I've got another quick Nail of the Week post featuring one of my go-to deep holiday reds with a twist. Perfect Prezzie (I always thought it was spelled with s's?) is part of Butter London's Fall/Winter collection and like its name obviously states, is a color tailor-made for this time of year. When I first bought it I thought it was another dark vampy red with some gold veining through it, but on the nails, it's actually more of a rusty-maroon with shimmer. It's not so coppery that it looks orange, but it definitely helps set the color apart from the hoards of vampy reds in my collection. 

Speaking of which, I still haven't bought any new nail polishes and am actually really enjoying exploring my stash and falling in love all over again with some old favorites. Since this ban is going so well, I've decided to extend it to lip products as well. Between the Tarte lip stain set I bought a while back, as well as the tons of lip glosses amassed over the years, my lip stash is getting completely out of hand. This particular ban shouldn't be too difficult since I've never especially gravitated towards lip products, but I've just run out of my beloved Dior Lip Glow (post here and here) and might need a new one before banishing myself from any new purchases. I'm determined not to give in, but I'm missing it terribly and my purse just doesn't feel right without it! 

Perhaps as (yet another) early Christmas gift to myself? =)

I really am shameless!

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  1. talk about the sparkling nail polishes. i want to get one!