Lacking Self Control: New Chanel Nail Polish

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I cracked.

But just hear me out! I had some store credit to Bloomingdales that was about to expire, and as the amount was nowhere near enough for a gorgeous Alice + Olivia dress I'd been eyeing, I was off to peruse the beauty counters instead. I was debating picking up the Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Body Creme as a potential gift, but at the last minute decided to drop by the Chanel counter and take a look at the spring collection (isn't it a bit early for spring makeup?). 

And then it happened.

Next to the pinkest, frostiest blush I've ever seen was the most perfect mauvey, berry nail polish with just a hint of red, called April. I knew before I had even swatched it on my nail that it was coming home with me--my collection had nothing like this grayish, taupey, grape color. What I didn't expect, however, was the sudden attraction to a red shade in the rack of Chanel polishes. I don't normally go for plain reds like this one as I prefer vampier, more maroon colors, but when I glopped it onto my nail, it was immediately clear that Dragon is no ordinary red. It's named after their famous lipstick (I believe it's Christine--from Temptalia--'s favorite color) and I have never had any red polish, maybe even any nail polish, flatter my skin tone so much. It truly is my perfect tomatoey, slightly orangey, creamy red that doesn't make my yellow skin look dirty or jaundice--two things that happen a lot with reds. 

Poor lighting, but I'm not in my normal set-up. You'll see these properly in NOTWs!

But what I love most about April and Dragon (and what makes them almost worth the money) is that they don't feel limited to any particular season. Even though April is currently limited edition for spring, the berry in it is colorful enough for warmer months, and the slight duskiness to it almost makes it perfect for fall/winter. Dragon particularly excels at this wearability, as it contains enough orange in it to be suitable for a beach day, but still makes for a good holiday red.

Now in terms of the ban I obviously broke, I was being really good about remembering it right up until I walked through the doors of Bloomingdales. I didn't actually realize what I had done until the nice lady behind the counter handed me my bag and bid me good day. I actually felt almost remorseful at first, and still occasionally do, but somehow whenever I look at my shiny new nail polishes, all feelings of guilt mysteriously dissipate! =)

Obviously, Chanel polishes aren't in most people's budget--hell, they're only in mine when I have store credit that basically pays for them--but I do think that if you're going to splurge, you're better off doing it with a more wearable shade like one of these. 

*If you're interested in April, head to your local Chanel counter ASAP. One of the ladies working there told me I got one of the last bottles!*

For all the nail polish junkies out there, I'd love to hear about your extravagant nail purchases--partly out of curiosity, and partly to feel a bit better about myself! =)

Leave me a comment!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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