Holiday Market, Max Brenner and Mini Haul--A Day in Pictures!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Technically this is yesterday in pictures as I was way too tired when I got home last night to do anything but crash on my couch. Obviously these posts are image heavy, but this one is especially so as I was a bit snapshot happy!


So yesterday after my Multicultural Lit final, a friend and I hit up the Union Square Holiday Market where tons of vendors set up in the center of the square selling just about anything you could possibly want...

Like baked goods....

Handmade jewelry...

Stained glass lamps....

And puppets!

It started to rain, so we headed to Max Brenner's, a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth. The whole place is sort of inspired by Willy Wonka, as they specialize in all things chocolate and dessert (and also offer an overpriced and completely nondescript assortment of regular food).

We both got our favorite, the Italian hot chocolate, served in their adorable hug mugs!

Then, because my cousin wrote a whole post on the banana waffles last time she went (link), we decided to deviate from our usual order of the molten heart cake and try that instead--delicious!

We were planning on going to my favorite Cambodian sandwich place Num Pang afterwards, but were too full from Max Brenner. (I've posted pictures here, and if you ever get a chance to try them, go to the one in Union Square. It's dingier and smaller, but the one in Midtown isn't nearly as good.) Stuffed from the waffles, I decided to walk home, and wound up doing a bit of shopping along the way. First stop was Belgian chocolatier Leonidas for a small something for my dad's birthday...

The Gap was still running some of their incredible sales, so I got a few things there as well, and also took a quick shot of the scarves I was raving about in this post, as reference for anyone looking for them!

Bath and Body Works was a madhouse, but I braved the crowds of excited girls and highly disgruntled boyfriends to pick up three lip balms (buy 2, get 1 free) I keep hearing good things about--particularly excited to try the night ones!

Thanks to some lovely people who gave me Sephora gift cards (am I an easy girl to shop for, or what?), I swung by and picked up a Soap and Glory body wash (though was tempted by a gorgeous hand soap/lotion set--check it out here, it'd make for a perfect hostess gift!) and an Ole Henriksen hyperpigmentation serum. I haven't tried any of their products before, but have heard really good things about their line.

And because I'm feeling especially festive now that my finals are almost done, here are a few random shots of lovely holiday decorations!

As for today, I had a glorious sleep-in, cleaned up and organized a lot, and now have a girlfriend coming over to watch some Christmas movies, so naturally I went out and got us some dessert!

Far more delicious than they appear.
You can't celebrate the holidays without indulging a lot a little, right? =)

Hope everyone is well!

Good night!

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