Everyday Makeup Routine-11/11

Monday, December 5, 2011

Despite the title of this post, I don't really have an everyday makeup routine. I change things up a lot and some days it's just concealer, mascara and powder, or quite often I just curl my lashes and don't wear any makeup at all. So I guess this is more of my sometimes makeup routine--but it's the one most worth showing as it's the most involved. I wear this look to class a lot, but not on days when I'm in a big hurry--it's not my fastest get-out-the-door makeup! 

I'm one of those weird people who starts with their eye makeup, so first I run a bit of Too Faced Shadow Insurance over my lids. I used to use Urban Decay Primer Potion but mine dried up so I decided to try its contender and the jury is still out on which I like better. Cream shadows are easiest for my morning rush so I just use my finger to run Benefit's creaseless cream shadow in R.S.V.P all over my lid. It's a gorgeous light, shimmery pink that does a lot for brightening up my eyes, though it absolutely creases on me without a primer underneath (total misnomer!). Then, I take either my Milani Liquif'eye (post) or Revlon Colorstay liquid liner and do a thinnish line along my upper lashes. I tend to grab for the Milani pencils when I want a softer, smudgier look and the liquid liner for a sharper line and possibly a wing. On days when I look particularly tired (pretty much a given these days) a quick swipe of Tarte's Emphaseyes Inner Rim Brightener makes my droopy Asian eyes look a little perkier. 

While I'm waiting for the eye makeup to set (I have a weird phobia of curling my lashes when there's just been makeup applied to my lids--don't ask), I get cracking on my face. I've never really been a liquid foundation for daytime kind of girl, but the amazing Revlon ColorStay (post) and my terrible acne have made it almost a daily thing. First I just do a thin layer over my whole face and blend that in, and for my really troublesome areas, I take more of the foundation and double it up as concealer. By this point, I've waited long enough for my highly eccentric phobia to pass, so I go ahead and curl my lashes with my beloved Shu Uemura eyelash curler and follow that up with a coat of the Ultimate Natural Mascara (post). Sometimes I use an eyelash comb to quickly brush through my lashes after the mascara, but that's usually not necessary.

Under-eye concealer is next, and most days are a toss-up between Rimmel Match Perfection (post) and Revlon PhotoReady. I prefer the formula of the first option, but the latter offers more coverage, so again, my choice depends on how late I was up the previous night and how awake I have to look that day. (The reason I don't do concealer before lashes? While curling, sometimes I press the handle of the curler into my skin, so it disturbs any makeup already under my eyes). I'm also doing a whole post on this at some point, but since just about all my under-eye concealers have a tacky finish that encourage under-eye smudging, lately I've been setting it with powder. Normally I would be so against the crepey, chalky effects of powder under the eye but if you use a finely milled enough one, it looks alright. (I like Bare Minerals Mineral Veil).

And then we come to the homestretch! MAC Blot Powder has been my choice oil-control powder for a while now, so I just run that over my whole face with a fluffy brush, but do an extra bit on my T-zone. I'm sure eyebrows are a more involved process for some people, but frankly, they're thick and dark enough, so as long as I've been to the threader recently (extensive post on eyebrow threading here), I can just run some clear mascara through them and be done with it.

My cheek and lip color are changed up just about constantly, but these days I've been reaching for Stunner by MAC as a standard, wearable blush, and either Tarte's lip stain in Swank for a just bitten-reddish lip or one of my all-time favorites, the NARS Pure Sheer Lip Treatment in Angelique (post) for a more natural option.

I'm not sure how much of a surprise my routine is, given that I use products I've talked about on here at length, but that just proves how much I really do enjoy them! Pictures of me actually wearing this makeup might be up soon, but A) I'm about as photogenic as a manatee giving birth, and B) typical end-of-semester craziness means showering becomes an occasional luxury and everyday makeup is kept to the bare minimum.

It's a very attractive time of year for me, I assure you. =)

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is well! 

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