The "Perfect" Lip Product(s)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sorry for the short break, everyone, but between a snowstorm, power outages and midterms, these past few days have had me swamped. I feel really crappy about the most recent post being from Saturday, but at the same time, these little blog breaks always end in me returning with lots of fresh things to write about, so maybe they're actually a good thing?

I've been meaning to write about these two lip products for a while now and am finally getting around to it! I've done a whole post on my beloved Dior Addict Lip Glow (fun fact: that was one of the samples I sent in for my Temptalia application) and it's really been a purse staple for me. 

It's the sort of lip product everyone needs to have--moisturizing, easy to apply, sheer but buildable and above all a very flattering color. I thought I would never deviate from my Dior Lip Glow and that it would be something I would consistently repurchase as my perfect everyday lip product. 

But then I was walking around the counters at Bloomingdale's one day and the NARS Pure Sheer Lip Treatment in Angelique caught my eye. I swatched it on my hand, and fell so in love with the color and moisturizing consistency that I bought it on the spot. It doesn't look like much in the bullet, but on the lips it's this gorgeous rosy-tawny pink that almost shows up a bit coral. It's far less glossy than the Lip Glow but definitely has a sheen to it. This is actually the closest thing I own to a lipstick and is great for when I want to look a little more professional. 

Just to give you a better idea of what they look like on, here are some disturbingly close shots of my pucker. My lips are the most awkward, crooked and stubby shape, so hopefully this is the last time I'll take such creepy pictures...

Au naturel

Dior Lip Glow

NARS Lip Treatment in Angelique

Clearly, then, the Dior is much more glossy and bright while Angelique is a satiny, punched-up version of my natural lip color. Texture-wise, the lip glow is more of a moisturizing balm with a wash of berry color, while Angelique is a creamy lipstick with a smooth feel. I honestly couldn't pick between the two, because although the NARS is the more wearable and natural one, sometimes I want a bit more color and the lip glow feels so hydrating on the lips. Value-wise, the Dior is $29 for 0.12 oz and the NARS is $25 for 0.06 oz, yet you need less of it because it's more pigmented than the Lip Glow. It really is a toss-up, isn't it?

While I definitely can't say which one I prefer, I can tell you that no other lip product gets any attention when these two are around. These are without a doubt, perfect examples of that ubiquitous, "perfect" lip product and I strongly encourage you to check them out. Sephora carries the lip glow and the NARS lip treatments, but for some reason only stocks them in two colors and Angelique is neither of them. The shades they do have are also very unflattering so if you want to see the full range, check a department store. 

My Shu Uemura order arrived today so the next post will be a battle between my beloved original Mascara Basic and this new reformulated version they're pushing. I also picked up a few things I didn't necessarily need like...

Glitter mascara! I was going to wait to talk about this, but I'm so in love with it already that I had to show you! How pretty and festive is that?! I'm totally wearing this on Christmas and New Year's and maybe even to class tomorrow? 

Might be a bit drag queenish much....

I'm off to bed! Goodnight, everyone! Sleep well!

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