NOTW: OPI Roadhouse Blues

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One of the benefits of going on a nail polish buying ban (that's right, I haven't cracked yet!) is that you rediscover old favorites as well as remember all those new bottles of polish you've never even used. This week's color is one that I was ridiculously excited about when I first got it, and then the moment it got lost in the depths of my collection, I basically forgot all about it. 

From the Touring America collection released around August of this year, Roadhouse Blues is a beautifully simple, creamy, deep navy (it looks bluer in real life, I swear!). It certainly doesn't sound like much and it may not even look like much, but even though it's on the darker side, the simplicity of the color makes it extremely wearable. While it's still a blue, I tend to treat this shade as a neutral and any of you who like wearing black would definitely enjoy this color as well. It's dark, of course, but there's also a hint of warmth to it that I just love--kind of like blackberries mixed with blueberries. (No clue how I came up with that). 

Roadhouse Blues now has a place in my little stash of favorite polishes. To avoid forgetting about beloved colors, I've set up a little basket on my desk and filled it with the shades I love best. Aside from this one, Just a Little Rosti is in there (obviously) as well as the other polish I got from Touring America, My Address is 'Hollywood' (NOTW post here). There are quite a few others in the basket as well, but you'll meet them in upcoming weeks!

In case you missed it, my post on Must-Have Hair Products in up on Temptalia now (link). I'm also still on a manic hunt for Revlon lip butters and my lack of success is really starting to get annoying--again, if you've found them in New York, please tell me where! 

Everyday Makeup Routine post coming up!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it!

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