My Go-To Party Hairdo!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I recently nailed the method of getting my perfect, slightly fancy hairdo and had to come brag share! As much as I love caring for my hair, I positively suck at styling it, so any 'do I attempt has to be reasonably quick, simple, and stupidly, absurdly easy. Luckily, this look fits all my qualifications and could be so dumb that you might not learn anything from this post. (Fair warning).

I first attempted this hairstyle in my Slapdash Special Occasion Hair and Makeup post (link) and while it looked good once finished, it didn't hold up well at all. Through trial, error, and experimentation with different curling irons and techniques--I've finally gotten it down pat and now wear my hair like this way too much.

The first order of business is to curl your hair. I love curling my fine, limp hair for body and fullness but the trouble is that with all my layers and the insufferable flatness at my crown, it never looks good just curled. I always have to pin some pieces back and if you're as impatient with a curling iron as I am, sometimes the ringlets turn out highly irregular. And whenever a style with my hair down looks bad, I immediately throw it up--exactly like rainy weather hair.

I first saw this curling technique in a video from MakeupbyTiffanyD (link here). She's a makeup/beauty girl on YouTube and I've been watching her for quite a while now--I highly recommend subscribing! Just like she says, this method allows for the curl to be throughout each piece of hair and not just in a clump at the bottom, creating a lot more volume. You could start halfway down the piece of hair as she does, but I like to start as close to the roots as possible for maximum oomph. Yes, the volume is a great bonus and it's definitely a more thorough curl than the traditional method would give you, but I prefer this way because it makes the curls last like nothing else. Without hairspray, using this technique will leave the curls in my hair for almost 4 days, no matter how much I fuss with them. (To be fair, my hair retains shape very well, but usually curls only last 2 days on me.)

Once you've gone through and curled your whole head, hold off on the hairspray. I know it's tempting to do a quick blast, particularly if your hair doesn't curl well, but just wait. (If your hair really isn't pliable, catch each curl after you release it from the iron and pin it up in its shape to cool). Before messing about with them, you need to give your heated locks a chance to cool and set, so go do your makeup or something, looking a bit like Shirley Temple.

Once your hair has had a chance to cool (I usually wait about 20 min), go through and brush it! I know it sounds really scary and I used to be horrified by the thought of running a brush through my fresh curls--but just try it! Not only does it makes the ringlets look more natural, it makes them more uniform and helps them to just jell together. If your hair doesn't curl well, though, just do a few light brush strokes, nothing too vigorous!

Side shot of the style before wrapping hair around the elastic

And from here it's just a simple ponytail. I like to flip my head over and arrange my ponytail so it's level with my eyes, heightwise. Any higher and you turn into a cheerleader, and going lower makes the look too business-like. And just to make it look more polished, do the old "grab a piece of hair from under the pony, wrap around the elastic, and pin it". It's such a simple trick but it really makes a world of difference in cleaning up the look. The one adjustment I might make to the first photo of my hair is a touch of some pomade or wax run through the ends of the curls to help break them up. Personally, just-brushed curls can be a bit too fluffy and not piecey enough for my liking, but of course, it's totally up to you!

You could also tease the crown a bit if you wanted some more volume, but I just like to make sure the pony doesn't pull my hair flat against my head, slip on a sparkly headband, et voila! Out the door!

(Oh yes. Now you can spray!)

I just love how easy it is to pull this whole hairdo together. Curling my hair only takes about 15 minutes, and how long does it take to make a ponytail? Plus if the cooling time is used to get ready, it's a very efficient look to do as well.

Simple though it is, I'm glad to have this hairdo available in my arsenal for dates, job interviews and all those occasions that are not quite casual but not so fancy that they require a blowout. (I expect a lot of upcoming holiday parties to fit in that last group!)

Let me know if you wear a similar type of hairstyle or if you try it out for yourself--I'd love to see some pictures!

We're celebrating my cousin's birthday tomorrow by partaking in a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Natural History and I'm really excited--what a great Saturday activity! Even though it's set in the afternoon, I'm picturing some Night at the Museum action! You also might know that any day spent with my cousins involves eating an obscene amount of delicious food, so you can expect a Day in Pictures post coming up!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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