Beauty Cravings: 11/28/11

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I've been feeling completely off this week--between looming finals and familial health problems, I'm an even bigger mess than usual. So what better way to perk myself up than to write about all the shallow, vapid things I desperately want but will probably never get?

I'm a girl of simple pleasures, really. =)

1. DryBar Blowout: I'm in terrible need of a haircut, but I'm putting it off until after the excessive heat-styling and damaging of the holiday season. In the meantime, my hair in its natural state looks god-awful, and I'm tired of seeing it looking so blah. DryBar is fairly new to New York, and I'm absolutely dying for a visit there. In case you haven't yet heard of it, DryBar is a hair salon that only provides shampoos and blowouts--no cutting, coloring or perming. It's such a simple concept but so genius--is there any pick me up beauty treatment quite like a salon blowout? I can't be the only one who feels (and looks) a million times better after a professional blow dry! It's a nice flat rate of $40, so perhaps I'll be headed there sooner than I think--their Straight Up blowout is right up my alley. 

2. Ole Henriksen Truth is in the Eyes: I first saw this on the "Today's Obsession" part of my Sephora app and haven't stopped wondering about it since. This is one of those under-eye treatments meant to lighten up dark circles and tighten bags, which means it evokes my usual skepticism. Frankly, I don't believe any product, or possibly any expensive dermatological procedure can truly rid you of dark circles and bags, but I've heard a surprising amount of positivity surrounding this item that just makes me want to try it.

3. Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream: I have a bit of an obsession with ginger, so I always get really excited when I see it in beauty items. I don't really need more body creams, but if I felt like treating myself one day, I'd love to try out this tub of moisturizing, gingery goodness. I've only smelled it once and it was deliciously spicy, but I didn't get to try it out on my hand or anything. That normally wouldn't be such a big deal, but if this cream doesn't have the warming and tingling effects fresh ginger has, I'll probably lose most of my interest in it.

4. REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask: I received a few free samples of this from the nice checkout ladies at Sephora, and fell completely in love with it. I tend to associate these chemical face treatments for older women, but this product really worked wonders on my acne scarring and hyper pigmentation! It's a cinch to apply--one even layer on dry skin and you just let it sit. It doesn't tingle or burn (which at first had me convinced that it wasn't doing anything) but you'll notice a definite improvement in your skin tone the following morning. I have quite a few face treatments to finish using up, so this one will have to wait on deck for a while.

5. Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser: While I'm quite happy with my current face cleanser (post coming soon), I'm almost out of it and I've always been interested in this Dermalogica one. Normally, the only clay used on my face comes from masks, but apparently the kaolin in the wash helps get rid of excessive oil and detox the skin--sign me up!

6. Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner: I recently made the switch to liquid liner for the simple reason that it sets faster than pencil so I can go in and curl my lashes immediately. The Revlon ColorStay one I've been using is alright, but it's not the best about lasting throughout the day. I'll still use it up, but the moment it's gone I'm off to Sephora to get my hands on these super popular eyeliners. From what I've seen the brush is gloriously thin, and what holds up better than waterproof?

7. Benefit Watt's Up!: I'm not normally a highlighter girl--my skin can produce a sheen all on its own, thank you--but the matte finish of my ColorStay foundation leaves me in the mood for a pretty glow, strategically applied to small, small parts of my face. (The very fact that I'm even contemplating a highlight, by the way, is proof of how good that foundation is at keeping my skin matte). Benefit released this product not too long ago, and it's a gorgeous, beige-champagne creamy stick on one side and a little sponge on the other. I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of the sponge as I tend to apply makeup with my fingers, but I'm sure the highlighter will complement my skin tone beautifully. (If you've found High Beam to be too pink and Moon Beam too yellow, this could be a great product to check out!).

8. Mally Poreless Face Defender: I never would have heard of this product had it not be for someone else I watch on YouTube, emilynoel83. I hadn't even heard of Mally makeup products before, but ever since Emily first showed this little compact in one of her videos, I've been dying to try it out. Like a clear silicone primer in a pan, you're supposed to get some of the stuff onto a sponge and then pat that onto your face in place of powder. Supposedly, it absorbs oil and leaves your skin looking matte just as a blotting powder would. I've never heard of anything like this before and am definitely interested in trying it out as it sounds a bit more logical than reapplying powder and hoping your face stays shine-free. 

9. Redken Real Control Mineral Elixir: This stuff is supposed to be magic for your hair, providing a bit of hold along with hydration and tons of gorgeous shine. I'm a little unclear on whether it's sheen or glitter that shows up in your hair, but given the season and the effect it'd have on curls, I don't think I'd care either way =). 

10. Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder Blush: Second only to nail polish and hair care products, I've developed a bit of an obsession with blush. Except for the very worst of break-outs, I never feel complete without a smattering of brightening color across my cheeks and from the looks of Benefit's next boxed powder, I'll have another to add to my collection. It's quite like Sugarbomb in terms of design, but definitely a lighter, brighter color that would be perfect for daily use. This product won't be released till January, but Christine did a whole post on it (link) so you can take a look a bit earlier. 

11. Butter London Powder Finish Foot Creme: My dry feet get exponentially worse this time of year, but I only ever put lotion on them before bed and slip on some socks because I can't stand them touching anything in their greasy state. Butter London claims to have solved this problem with a hydrating foot cream that quickly dries to, duh, a powder finish. Frankly, that whole sales pitch just sounds like an oxymoron, but their marketing strategy works in that I'm curious enough to want to try it! (The money advertising agencies must make off suckers people like me!)

12. An Incredibly Fabulous, Impossibly Glamorous Vacation: Now, please.

Everyday Makeup Routine coming soon!

I'm seconds from passing out in the depths of my comforter. 

Goodnight, everyone!

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