Worth Every Penny?: Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation

Monday, October 24, 2011

I mentioned this very briefly in my slapdash hair + makeup post, and am finally getting around to writing about it. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I suffer from cystic acne of the severest kind. Sometimes it fades a little bit, and then the following week I'll have pimples the size of craters--there just doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Until my dermatologist and I get that under control, though, all I can do is hide them as best I can. My Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette (post) is great, but there have been some breakouts that even those concealers couldn't cover.

A nice sales associate at Sephora pointed me to this foundation, and although I was terrified at the thought of cream product on my oily skin, and the price seemed a bit much ($42), its pigmentation was impressive enough to warrant purchasing.

To say that this stuff is like Photoshop for my acne would only be a slight exaggeration--this is absolutely the best concealer I have ever come across. It makes the term full coverage sound weak, is creamy but also stiff and almost waxy which is probably what allows it hold up so well. You really only need the slightest bit of the product to cover an area of acne marks, and even less to hide a blemish. Due to its almost hard consistency, this concealer definitely requires a bit of effort to blend out. It's nothing excessive, but compared to the Sonia Kashuk palette that almost melts into your skin, you'll have to work with this one a bit longer to get a natural effect.

Now although I keep calling it a concealer, this is technically marketed as a foundation, but I think it would be a "mistake" (terrible wording--there are no "mistakes" with makeup!) to use this all over your face. This stuff is so high coverage that applying it all over your face, no matter how much blending you do, doesn't look very natural--especially for daytime. In terms of application, the sales associate told me to get some on a sponge (there's one in the bottom compartment of the compact) and then pat and roll it onto my face, but that really gives a heavy, cakey appearance. The best way I've found to apply this is with my fingers--you really need the warmth of your digits to get some product out and properly blended onto the skin. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that this works remarkably well as an under-eye concealer. I don't think I've ever used the same concealing product for my face and under-eyes, but this one is really spectacular for both--especially if you've got very dark circles. 

The one thing I don't like about this product (aside from the price) is how shiny it makes me look. This is a cream foundation/concealer and while it does dry to a sort of powdery feel, that effect goes away and leaves you with a sheen. That might be what you want if you have dry skin, but my skin's oily enough on its own. It's nothing too terrible, as I don't use this product on my notoriously greasy T-zone, but I always know I'll need an extra blot-and-powder on days that I wear this.

This is the first item I've tried from them, but Cover FX was supposedly created by dermatologists, and this cream foundation is oil free, fragrance free and non-comedegonic--perfect for sensitive skin! Did I mention the shade range is absolutely incredible and the product contains SPF 30? 

Bottom line: Everyone needs to try this--I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. The shiny factor prevents this product from being a complete Holy Grail cosmetic for me, but I still can't imagine myself not using it. 

But I always say that, don't I? =)

It's almost 2 am here and I'm once again learning that burning food-scented candles late at night inevitably results in snacking. It seems I learn that lesson every other day!

Good night, everyone! Have a wonderful week!

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