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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I've been hinting at some exciting news for about a week now, and here it is!

As you can probably tell by the bright pink logo above, I am now a guest contributor for Temptalia--website heaven for cosmetic addicts. If you're not familiar with it, I strongly encourage you to check it out as Christine, the founder and editor of the site, provides terrific posts on quick reviews of various products. The photographs are terrific, she's great about responding to comments and her coverage of various makeup products is very thorough--if I were to recommend one makeup site to read, this would be it. (And I would still be saying that even if I wasn't joining her team--I swear!)

A few months ago, I applied for one of the contributor positions under Hair Care, and found out just a few weeks ago that I got it! My obsession with hair and hair care came before I even really got into makeup and I'm constantly trying out new products and ways of fixing my 'do. The reason I don't do too many posts on hair items is actually because I'm so ridiculously finicky about them that I rarely commit to one long enough to write about it. 

But if you feel like reading more about my hair and the products I use, I'll be writing once a month for Temptalia under various topics regarding hair care. Some upcoming posts will be on life-changing products, my everyday routine and the like. 

The first post I've contributed to is up now, which you can read here! It's basically just a general introduction, but I do mention my favorite hair products and you can read up on the other two lovely hair girls, Amanda and Marla. 

I'd also like to make it clear that I am not being paid for anything I write (hell, I'm not being paid at all). The point of this opportunity is to gain some experience, maybe a bit of exposure and continue to enjoy writing about the shallow things I so dearly love. 

All my contributions will be exclusively on Temptalia, but I'll be sure to link them and let you know when they're posted! 

Thanks so much for reading, everyone--it's really because of your support and the encouragement of my family that I even had the guts to send in my application! 

So excited about things to come!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

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