NOTW: Revlon Copper Penny

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I picked this up in my last haul post (link) and it's actually my first venture into Revlon nail polishes. The color is interesting and so perfect for fall weather, though it's actually raining right now. Like the name obviously suggests, it's basically the exact coppery shade of a bright, shiny penny with maybe just the slightest smidge of yellow. 

My problem here is actually with the formula of the polish. It has the strangest gritty, grainy texture to it that reminds me of glitter but Copper Penny is more metallic than anything else. This kind of consistency is usually prone to chipping, and my longer-than-usual nails aren't going to help with that. I'll keep you posted on any wearing at the tips!

In other nail polish news, I haven't yet broken my ban on buying new ones, (read about that here) but Essie's Ladylike is really tempting me. Hopefully it'll still be around in January!

Post on products that don't work for me coming up next!

Happy Wednesday!

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