NOTW: China Glaze Midtown Magic

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As you might have noticed, my ridiculous collection of nail polish doesn't contain many China Glazes. They're basically impossible to find in New York, and ordering them online gets annoying, but this particular polish is a perfect example of why I should try more from their brand.

Not only is the color gorgeous--a deep, dark, bronzey-brown with small flecks of gold shimmer, but the formula itself is equally good. Midtown Magic went on perfectly smooth with an almost jelly-like consistency and I got perfectly opaque nails with two coats.

I'm actually really surprised by how much I like this color because I normally hate super-dark nail polish and this shade can very easily look black. But the gold shimmer does a lot in lightening it up, as well as adding dimension, so as long as it's own short nails, I'm more than okay with this dark shade!

I also saw the OPI Muppets collection today and thankfully wasn't particularly interested in any of them. Warm and Fozzie looks kind of interesting and I could always make room in my collection for Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, but overall I don't think these new glitter holiday shades are anything special.

In more shocking and tragic news, I was on the Shu Uemura website earlier today to order a few more of my Holy Grail and much-loved Mascara Basic, when I couldn't find it on the site. After a brief panic attack followed by frantically calling, emailing and even tweeting the brand (I'm sure they loved all of that!) I found out that the mascara has been reformulated and is now the "Ultimate Natural Mascara." They said it's supposed to hold a curl and define even better than its former self, and we'll just see about that when my order arrives! The idea of reformulation makes me nervous, but the Mascara Basic was one of their best-selling items, so hopefully they've only improved it and not done anything to the formula that would bring the mascara (and my lashes!) down.

Midterms are starting up and I'm already dizzy with exhaustion and cramming!

Hope you're all well and Happy Wednesday!

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