What's in My On-the-Go Beauty Bag?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I don't know about you, but I've wasted countless hours watching "What's in My Purse?" videos on YouTube. It sounds ridiculous (read: pathetic) but they're fun to watch and as a nosy girlie girl, I love being able to go into the depths of someone's handbag. And if I was really going to justify it, well, think of how much you can tell about someone by what they carry in their purse. Think about the difference between your friends who carry bags and those who don't. See what I mean?

(Geez, you take one Intro to Psych class and suddenly think you're an expert!)

Anyway, as my daily "bag" is filled with textbooks and highlighters, I thought I'd take you into my little beauty bag instead.

This pouch basically lives in my school bag, as it's filled with touch-up necessities and other random frivolities for use throughout my school/work day. It's just a small, black nylon Sephora collection bag trimmed with a bit of vinyl. I believe it was around $10, but I can't confirm that as the website lists them as out of stock. You could use this as a pencil case or something like that, but I like stashing makeup in here as the inside can be wiped down if it gets dirty.

So here we go!

1. Oil Absorbing Sheets (not shown): I'm not listing a brand for this as I constantly use blotting papers and try ones from all different companies. The thin blue Clean and Clear ones are very popular, but I also like the Palladio Rice Paper ones. As an oily-skinned girl, I rely on these papers pretty much all year-round--in fact, I'm pretty sure I have some stashed in every purse.

2. E.L.F Translucent Mattifying Powder: After blotting my face, I almost always follow with a touch-up of powder. This E.L.F one is really easy to use--powder on one side, sponge on the other, all with a considerably large mirror for convenience. The powder isn't chalky or anything bad, but it's nothing to write home about either. This one tends to be the primary on-the-go powder because if the compact shatters in my purse, it was only $3 to begin with.

3. EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush: I do use the sponge in the E.L.F. set when I'm in a hurry between classes, but sponges are not generally my favorite way of applying powder--it can look heavy entirely too quickly. This little kabuki brush is a great travel product as it's super-soft, doesn't shed and thanks to its packaging, keeps its shape. If you prefer touching up your face makeup with brushes, but don't like them rolling around in your purse, this would be a great item to look into.

4. Dior Addict Lip Glow: I love this lip product so much, I have a whole post on it you can read here. It's perfect for applying quickly throughout the day--just a few swipes and you've instantly got really moisturized, pinkish-berry lips. No mirror needed!

5. Lip Balm: Again, I really can't list a brand for this as it's always something different. Some days it's Carmex, sometimes it's Kiehl's--it really just depends. Besides, during winter, one of my heavy-duty lip balms gets transferred to the small side pocket of my school bag for even easier access. So I guess it's not always a resident of the beauty bag, is it?

6. Lip Gloss of the Moment Plus One: All you lip product junkies will know what I'm talking about--that one lip gloss you're really loving that week, month or season and an additional one in a different color. Obviously, the first item also gets frequently switched out, but lately it's been Artistry's Perfect Red (which incidentally, is not very red). Now, the Plus One refers to that other lip gloss you have in case the primary one doesn't work with your makeup or you just don't feel like wearing that shade. (Right now, it's MAC's Devilishly Stylish). This sounds borderline obscene, but I know I'm not alone in this, folks!

7. Tide to Go: I eat a lot and I'm clumsy. 'Nough said.

8. Bobby Pins: Some days I leave the house with my hair down looking halfway decent, but a few hours later, the pieces around my face make me look terribly drab. Pinning back your bangs or the most frontal pieces of your hair is a quick way to look more fresh and polished and is actually something I do a lot. The Sephora bag has a side pocket on the inside, which is where my 4-5 bobby pins live.

9. Hair Ties: I honestly don't think I've gone to school without a single hair band in over 6 years. I'm someone who will put their hair in a sloppy bun/ponytail throughout the day and even if I don't think I'll be touching my locks, that hair tie better be on my wrist or in my bag. I like the Goody Ouchless ones that don't have any metal in them, but really anything will work. Usually, there are about 4 hair ties in the beauty bag, which seems excessive but I hate being without them--especially as I can't stand having my hair in my face during exams.

10. Fresh Sugar Lychee Rollerball: If you have long class/work hours or just feel really blah throughout your day, perfume is a great way to perk yourself up! This sweet, ultra-fruity scent is one I love and rollerballs are so handy to slip into your purse, or into a clutch if you're going out. Try a spritz of a fragrance next time you're feeling down and see what it does!

11. Feminine Hygiene Products: I find that these things are much better suited for a small, zipped-up bag than floating around your backpack/purse, don't you?

Well, that's it! It sounds like quite a lot written out, but it really doesn't feel like much, and my Sephora bag isn't even full.

And if anyone was wondering, in my school/work bag, I also keep Altoids, tissues, hand cream and hand sanitizer. Those things don't go in my little beauty bag because I reach for them too often to be bothered with pulling out a whole separate pouch.

I really don't know how excessive or not my stash of products is, so to help me gauge my normalcy, tell me about the things you carry! (HA! Tim O'Brien, anyone?)

P.S. If you love reading about people's cosmetic collections, check out one of my favorite websites, Into the Gloss, to find out what models, designers and magazine editors keep in their beauty stashes! I'll warn you, though, it's addicting!

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