NOTW: Sephora by OPI Break a Leg-Warmer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last week's NOTW post was on a Sephora by OPI polish with good formulation, and this week features one that I absolutely loathed* putting on. Break a Leg-Warmer is a perfect example of everything I hate about Sephora by OPI polishes--it was incredibly streaky, horrifically runny and chipped the day after I put it on.

I actually got so frustrated with the formula of this nail polish that I threw it out after I saw the crater-like chips on my third day of wear.

The lesson here is obviously to be smarter than I am when shopping for nail polish and never let your love of a color override your dislike of the formulation.

I know Break a Leg-Warmer doesn't look particularly appealing as it's really just a heavily army-green-tinged gray, but that's actually what drew me to it. I didn't have anything else like it in my collection and it feels good to put on zombie-like colors when you're feeling grumpy. (Of course having to remove your nail polish because of the unbearable chips in it doesn't exactly put you in a better mood!)

Fortunately, Break a Leg-Warmer was part of the Urban Ballerina collection (definitely inspired by Black Swan, if you ask me) which came out months ago and probably isn't available anymore.

In other news, we're almost a week away from my bridesmaid gig so I'm sure my blog will be littered with strict dieting posts and potential looks for the up-do I'll be wearing.

I'm also extremely fed up with this disgustingly humid, on-and-off rainy weather we've been having here. It totally has me convinced that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing.

Have a lovely weekend--hopefully it's nice and sunny where you are!

*I haven't been able to stop using this phrase since I saw the Madonna v. hydrangeas video. Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about.

And while I'm linking you to things, these pictures are adorable. There's something so irresistible about a cute dog with an even cuter (and super talented) man!

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