NOTW: Butter London Bluey

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I know it's a little early for this color, but I picked it up last week from the Fall/Winter collection and new things are just too fun to resist. Bluey is a striking jewel-toned dark peacock-blue with shimmer to add the most gorgeous dimension. It might look a little out of place right now (people are still wearing shorts and flip-flops--it's hot in New York!) but I'm sure I'll be sporting this shade a lot more in the coming months. I'm also very pleased with how accurate the color in the picture is--hopefully I can use natural lighting in more photos!

The first coat of this one, as with most Butter London polishes I've tried, goes on somewhat sheer and even a little streaky. But a quick application of a second coat and you get pigmented and incredibly smooth nail color. I've also noticed that my paint job tends to look better when I use Butter London nail polishes (see my other NOTW here). I could very likely be imagining it, but I like to think there's something magic in the formula that makes everyone a professional manicurist. Wouldn't that be nice?

Best of all, the brand doesn't use formaldehyde, toulene or parabens in their polishes which (for me) makes their higher prices completely worthwhile. Butter London can be found at Ulta for $14, or if you live in New York, Ricky's sells them for $15 each.

So many exciting posts coming up--celebrity fragrance files (not saying which one, but you might know if you follow me on twitter!), a mascara comparison review and the long-awaited eyebrow threading post!

Watch this space!

Hope everyone is well!

Happy Wednesday!

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