Mascara Experimentation: Fairydrops Scandal Queen and Benefit They're Real

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I mentioned in my last Beauty Cravings post that I wanted to try out the Fairydrops mascara, but when I popped into Sephora, the Benefit They're Real caught my eye as well. I've heard so much hype about it, so I decided to give it a go, even though "those mascaras" never work for me.

I have super-thin, stick-straight, wispy Asian lashes that I curl everyday--for me, it's all about curl and definition. Most mascaras cause the curl to fall out within seconds of applying, with the exception being my beloved Shu Uemura Mascara Basic. But it's not the most dramatic of mascaras, so I'm currently on the hunt for something that holds curl really well, defines, but also really makes my lashes stand out--more volumizing, maybe?

So that's what I was looking for in this round of mascara experimentation. Here we go! (Warning: prepare for up-close shots of my eyes).

So here's a my eye with curled (basically crimped!) eyelashes.

First up is Benefit They're Real! It's a rubber wand--very reminiscent of Cover Girl Lash Blast--with a slightly flared tip that requires scraping product off before applying. One coat applied to the lashes and...

I had pretty low expectations of this product--in my experience, mascaras that work for most people don't work for me, but They're Real is halfway decent. It really excelled at not clumping, went on easily, and does a touch of lengthening (I think). This mascara actually held the curl a lot better than most others I've tried (Lancome Hypnose, L'Oreal Voluminous, Clinique High Impact, Revlon Grow Luscious...the list goes on). But that's not to say it holds the curl well, because it doesn't, and the difference is huge. My eyes don't have the same lift to them with this mascara because even this formula weighs down the curl too much. I also saw a bit of smudging under my eyes during the day, probably because it's not waterproof or even water resistant. All that being said, if you have slightly stiffer lashes (i.e., normal ones) I think They're Real would work really well--the clumplessness of it is really impressive.

Next up, Fairydrops Scandal Queen! I had huge hopes for this one--it's from a Japanese brand and who could understand my Asian lashes better, right? Well, I applied a coat and...

Whomp, whomp. Instant, considerable curl droop. This picture makes it look slightly better than it was--it basically looked like my lashes were darker with a slight upward bend at the tips. I should have known when I first untwisted the tube as Scandal Queen is a very "wet" mascara and nothing kills curls quicker than one of those. It's a very fibrous formula--you can see the little fiberwigs in the formulation--that added a lot of length to my eyelashes. My lashes also looked a bit darker and more dramatic with this one, probably because the wetter formula kind of goops on. It also smudged horrendously on me throughout the day, easily the worst any mascara has ever done to me before. (Scandal Queen is not waterproof, though I've heard they make a version of it that is). This one clumped a bit more than They're Real, but it's still not what I would call "clumpy".

Bottom line: If you want defined, not clumpy, reasonably curly eyelashes, give Benefit's They're Real a go. And if you want something that adds a ton of length with a touch more drama, try out Fairydrops' Scandal Queen.

As for me? They're Real is undoubtedly the winner of the two, but it's still not the mascara I'm searching for--both will be returned to Sephora. To give you an idea of what my everyday lashes look like with my Holy Grail Shu Uemura Mascara Basic, here's another creepy shot of my eye...

Again, I love the incredibly clean definition it gives, and my lashes are just as curled as they were without mascara, but it just doesn't have enough va va voom, you know? I'm willing to sacrifice a bit (a bit!) of curl in return for more drama, so if you know of a mascara that would meet those qualifications, please let me know!

Eyebrow threading post will be on double deck because I just found an item so brilliant that it needs to be blogged about immediately. Seriously, when you read the post, you'll run out to buy it and throw a few in every purse.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I actually think cheap mascaras from Mabylline(sp?) works very very well.

  2. mmmm which ones?

    i've tried full n' soft and falsies before but neither of them held the curl, though i actually really liked the effect of full n' soft, if you haven't tried it. it gives you natural, really well defined lashes and the waterproof version doesn't smudge--i just wish it could hold a curl in my puny eyelashes!

    thanks for the comment!

    (really, i love it when people take the time to write things here!)

  3. Hello. I'm not Asian, but I also have short, stick-straight lashes. My routine is this: First, I curl my lashes with Shu Uemera lash curler, that I heat with a hair dryer. Then I put a coat of Shiseido mascara base on. Then I apply a coat of Shiseido curling mascara. As I am applying it, I hold the wand against my lashes for a few seconds as I near the top. Next, I apply a few coats of a volumizing mascara. My current favorites are Benefit, They're Real, Chanel Inimitable, giorigio Armani Eyes to Kill, and maybe YSL Shocking. Try this, it really does give my lashes curl that last ALL DAY!! This is really important to me, as I feel that it opens up my eyes, and gives them that Wow! Hope you like it.