Fragrance Files: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Review

Friday, September 16, 2011

I know I only just bought Vera Wang's Lovestruck (see post here), but being the extreme Taylor Swift fan I am, I knew I'd be getting her perfume. It launches October 2nd in Ulta, but it was available for online order last week and I jumped. That's right, I bought it without smelling it first. That probably makes me fanatical (read: stupid) but if you've seen my iTunes library, you wouldn't be surprised.

First of all, this packaging is stunning and everything that comes to mind when I think of Taylor Swift--feminine, girly, and very whimsical. I've included some shots of how the purple bottle is actually holographic--gorgeous, right?! The design is very reminiscent of Britney Spears' Fantasy but Taylor's looks and feels more expensive. (Sorry, Brit!). It's actually quite heavy and the gold charms and top don't have that ridiculously cheap feel and look to them.

As for the actual scent, I was expecting something really light and fruity--hello, this girl writes songs about fairytale endings, loves kittens and wears dresses all the time. But Wonderstruck is surprisingly heavy and woodsy for what it's supposed to be. (Link to the official description here).

When you first spray it and wait till right after the alcohol smell goes away, it smells very fruity--almost exactly like Viva La Juicy. But within 5 minutes of it being on your skin, that candy-apple sweet scent disappears and it turns into something a lot warmer. The fruitiness is still there at the very beginning (if fragrances can even have beginnings) but it's not as strong as it is when first applied. Then, the fresh touches of fruit turn into a very earthy vanilla tone--not exactly sweet, just very fragrant and warm. But then the perfume takes a turn into a very woodsy, spicy scent--almost like incense. That definitely came as a surprise to me, again because of my expectations, but also because that touch of Oriental woodsiness is considerably strong--smell too closely and it basically stings your nostrils. The vanilla definitely helps take the edge off, but it's so mixed with the pepperiness that once the fruity-candy stage is gone, it sort of takes a minute to identify and break down the perfume's elements.

In fact, this particular fragrance files took me a lot longer to write (despite my love for Taylor) because the notes of the perfume are really muddled. Overall, it does smell spicy and warm but you also can't miss those touches of sweet fruitiness. It reminds me a bit of Aquolina Pink Sugar in that it also has that earthy, burnt candy-sweet smell to it, only Wonderstruck is definitely more fiery. It also breaks my heart to write that it reminds me of so many generic Victoria's Secret body sprays--like the PINK ones with just an extra splash of woodsiness. That incense-like pepperiness is the last note you smell, so it definitely leaves you with a strong, spicy impression.

I kind of understand it, because Taylor is very girly (like the sweet apple parts) but also sophisticated (like the peppery Oriental tones) but the way the two are combined in Wonderstruck is not particularly pleasing (to me) and not at all unusual. To be completely honest, that heavy-handedness with the woodsy scents is the one thing saving this perfume from being similar to what "a baby prostitute" smells like. (Mean Girls!) In other words, Wonderstruck as a whole I hate writing it, but there it is!

I'll definitely use it up as a die-hard Swift fan, and if nothing else, it makes for a terrific accessory to my vanity. I so wish I could love it, but I guess that's why you smell before you buy.

If anyone else has foolishly ordered a perfume blind, let's talk about our failures and successes in the comments! Or, if you're a T-Swizzle fan, tell me your favorite songs! Mine are Last Kiss, Mine, Long Live, Tim McGraw, Dear John, Back to December, White Horse, Love Story, Change, You Belong with Me, and The Way I Loved You.

I told you I was a fan! Well, of her music anyway.

Mascara experimentation post (complete with pictures) coming up next!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

**Hahaha! I just finished this post and went on my YouTube account, where under my subscription box was a video from Taylor herself talking about Wonderstruck, which apparently is in stores now. Here's the link!**

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