False Eyelash Fun and My Application Method

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You all know that I love eyelashes (link to my everyday lash routine here) so falsies sound like something I would dabble in all the time. But I've always found them so intimidating to apply and would just pass by the their section in my drugstore with a slightly wistful glance. But a few weeks ago, my CVS was having a sale on the super famous Duo lash glue and Ardell false lashes, so I figured there was no better time to give them a whirl.

Just for fun last night, I played around with some eye makeup and threw on the falsies for extra flair. They're completely ridiculous and too Jersey Shore-ish for wearing outside my apartment, but were really entertaining to have on for a few hours. And yes, I batted my eyelashes frequently just to enjoy the effect. Here was my first attempt....

Hey, it was my first try!

And again, on the other eye...(keep reading to see how I applied these differently!)

I followed the traditional method of applying falsies for the first photo which is basically as follows:

1. Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara as you would normally do.
2. Apply a thin stripe of Duo lash glue to the band of the false eyelashes.
3. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky and then apply them right behind your real lashes--as close to the lash line as you possibly can.
4. Apply more mascara to the real and fake lashes to help blend them together.

I struggled quite a bit with this standard method because once my real lashes were curled and mascara'd (yeah, that's a word) it was really hard for me to see where the fake ones should go. My curled lashes basically created a barrier, preventing me from getting to my lash line which is probably why my first set of falsies came out so wonky.

So for the second eye, I decided to change things up a bit to see if I could get a more precise application. First I applied the fake lashes without doing anything to my real ones, and then I curled the two together. I'm assuming the reason most people don't recommend this method is because the false lashes might be a little bit delicate after being glued down. But if you give them time to set and are reasonably gentle with the curler, it shouldn't give you any trouble. This sequence of steps works particularly well if you have stick-straight lashes like me, as mascara probably won't be enough to blend them in. Curling the real and fake lashes together really helps bind the hairs to one another, so if anyone looks at you in profile, they won't see where your real lashes poke out. Finally, I added a few coats of mascara for even more drama, though you could easily do without it if you wanted a softer, more feathery look.

Tips! (if you feel like giving fake lashes a try): When putting the lash down, get the center part where it needs to be and then worry about the ends--don't be afraid to use tweezers! In case you're struggling with getting the proper amount of glue onto the lash spine, you can bring a bubble of it to the surface and run the back of the lash through it, like I do. And if you plan on wearing false eyelashes daily (hey, I know people who do!) and are afraid it'll be too expensive, don't worry, they're totally reusable! I carefully peeled mine off and then washed them in a bit of makeup remover in my hand to get all the mascara off. Simply pop them back into their case and they're ready to use again! (It's no big deal if the backing is no longer as sticky--that's what the glue is for!)

(The Ardell 120 Demis I wore after a rinse in makeup remover)

I think I'll try cutting these strips in half just to glue onto the outer part of my eye for a more natural effect. Not for everyday of course, but for special occasions--why not?

I still would absolutely love to get eyelash extensions, but these will help curb my cravings for thick, lush lashes....for now!

If you've ever been wary of applying falsies, I hope this post has inspired you to give it a try! Believe me, if I, the most inept and least skilled person in this world can do it, you shouldn't have any problems!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their first week of Fall!


  1. i think they look good on you.

  2. they really highlight the droopy eye look youre rocking.