NOTW: OPI My Address is Hollywood

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At first glance, there was nothing particularly special about this nail polish. Pinks don't really stand out to me, especially when they're in a line of a full range of glorious colors to choose from. But it didn't look like your ordinary pink shade, so being the nail polish hoarder I am, I brought it home and slopped on a few coats.

And lo and behold, this might be my new favorite everyday color. This is big, people--the title of "my favorite everyday color" is one that I rarely give but OPI really nailed it with this one. As you can see from the picture (I really did slap it on, so the paint job is a lot worse than usual!) it's definitely pink but there's this gorgeous tawny-sandiness to it as well. The picture does make the color look a touch more pink--though it's probably the lighting, but the difference isn't huge.

What I really wasn't expecting was how incredibly wearable this polish is! I tend to avoid pinks for regular wear because they're either too bright or too refined (you know, those I-don't-have-a-manicure pale pinks like Essie Ballet Slippers). But the brown tones in My Address is Hollywood make the color not only more unique but very versatile. I tend to think of this shade as a neutral--I can wear it with any outfit to any occasion and it would be perfect! This would actually be a great work polish for those of you who like warmer, slightly brighter colors--the pink in it is cheery and fun, but the fawn keeps things toned down and professional.

My Address is Hollywood is from the OPI fall collection called "Touring America", in stores now! I also picked up Road House Blues from the new line--a gorgeously inky, navy blue color. But I'm sure it'll be getting its own Nail of the Week post soon enough!

If there are any nail polish colors you deem "must-haves" or highly wearable like this one, please let me know what they are in the comments!

Hope everyone is well!

And to all of you in the UK, particularly those who live in London, please stay safe! You're in the thoughts and prayers of many, and hopefully this madness will soon end and normalcy will be restored.

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