NOTW: OPI Isn't That Precious?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quite the departure from my usual nail polish colors, isn't it?

This, for me, is totally nail polish transition time--summer's basically over but I'm not quite ready for all the vampy, plummy shades of fall. Normally, I'd be reaching for my bright blues and greens this time of year but I have an interview for an internship tomorrow and metallic peacock blue-green nail polish doesn't exactly scream "Hire me, I'm really professional!", does it?

I was originally going to paint my nails my go-to refined nail color--OPI's Bubble Bath. If you're a crazy Food Network fan like my cousin, you'll know it as the color Giada de Laurentiis wears on her show. It's the most gorgeous milky-pearl color with a touch of pink--really suitable for every occasion as a polished, elegant look. The only problem is that Bubble Bath runs sheer and last time I painted my nails I had run out of base coat so they would up stained horribly orange.

I needed a color that would give me more coverage and Isn't That Precious? was closest to Bubble Bath, only it's more distinctly pink without being very obviously so, if that makes sense. I applied three coats and my nails are this lovely pale, almost pastely pink that is really wearable and looks pretty natural on my skin tone. It definitely looks like I did something to my nails, but it's nothing showy or in your face--a very clean and unobtrusive look. You can still see a bit of the orange stain peeking through the polish, but it's really not that noticeable in real life.

Colors like this definitely have their place in my collection (it may be the only shade some of you wear!) but I can't wait to take this off and paint my nails something a little more wild.

Interesting post coming up next!

Hope you're all well!

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