NOTW: OPI California Raspberry

Monday, August 15, 2011

New York has felt really gloomy lately, what with the nonstop heavy rain--the really disgusting intensely humid, not at all cooling kind--and final exams for my summer classes. Normally, I'd be reaching for something near pitch-black given my mood, but since summer will soon be over and there will be plenty of time during fall for those darker shades, I decided to whip out one of my favorite pick-me-up colors.

You know, one of those polishes that just makes you happy to look at. I am incredibly pissed the picture doesn't show the color properly--it looks too pink here, but after about 23 failed shots, endless cursing, and wishing I had paid closer attention in my photography class, I kind of just gave up.

In real life, though, California Raspberry is exactly what its name suggests--the perfect pinkish red with the most incredible sheen that almost makes my nails look...juicy. (But that might just be toxic nail polish fumes talking!) It's not anything particularly unique, but I like that it's not your standard tomato-red--the pink makes it brighter and very summery. And under direct sunlight or any sort of bright lighting, it takes on some gorgeous jewel-tone qualities which is always a plus.

Coming up next will be a post on a concealing product I can't live without (for now) and possibly another Beauty Cravings post with more visual stuff so you guys won't have to read a block of text--I'm thinking Polyvore?

I'm off to memorize 81 Greek figures and the stories for which they became famous!

Hope you're all well! Have a lovely week!

And if you're in need of a laugh and haven't yet seen it, this video never fails to brighten my day!

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