Lacking Self Control: Philosophy Shower Gel

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Normally, I'm a pretty practical shopper. I'm always tempted by extravagance, of course, but I rarely give in to it--usually because I can't afford to do so.

But sometimes a ridiculous item I really don't need but am embarrassedly infatuated with comes my way, and the next thing you know I'm swiping my card at the register.

It happened today, actually. I was making my usual rounds at Sephora (because I can't go a week without setting foot in the place) when this obnoxiously pink and sparkly shower gel caught my eye. It looked like it belonged in Elle Woods' bathroom or at a really annoying baby shower where everything is candy-themed and Barbie pink. I sniffed it, expecting it to reek of headache-inducing sweetness, and almost dropped the bottle in surprise.

It's heaven. Heaven! I really think nectar and ambrosia would smell exactly like this shower gel--might have even moaned when I first took a whiff! Philosophy calls it Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake (I know!) but while they've got the right idea, that's not exactly what it is.

This shower gel smells like powdered jelly doughnuts in a bottle.

It's weirdly specific, but I swear, that's exactly what it smells like! Oddly enough, you really get the powdered sugar component coming through, but then there's that buttery-fried-vanillay scent, all rounded off by this gorgeous fruitiness. The three separate parts of the smell are balanced well, so it doesn't come off as nauseatingly sweet, even though it definitely smells like a deep-fried dessert.

And as if the scent wasn't juvenile enough, this thing is bubble gum pink and chock full of chunky glitter. But the crazy sparkles don't really show up when washing and there's not a trace of them on your skin after showering (thank god).

I've had one of these 16 oz Philosophy body washes before in the scent called Cinnamon Buns (Um, are we sensing a trend here?!) and they're really not anything special. Yes, they can function as shampoo, shower gel, or bubble bath, but it's just soap--there's nothing particularly moisturizing or unique about the formula. They do lather up well and one of these monstrosities will last me forever, but still...

I paid almost $20 for something a 4-year-old would like to bathe in.

You know what, though? This bottle of delicious dessert soapiness makes me ridiculously happy--I haven't been able to stop smelling it for more than 5 minutes since I've gotten home. And it's the little things in life that count the most, right?

So go ahead and judge me, snobby checkout lady at Sephora and good people who read my blog when they have nothing better to do! I have no shame! I'm going to take a bath using bright pink, glittery soap and emerge smelling like an artery-clogging, sugar coma-inducing fried confection!

And, damnit, I will do it with my head held high!

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