Fragrance Files: Vera Wang Lovestruck

Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyone, please meet my new favorite fall/winter perfume. I bought it on Friday (scroll down to the next post to see the haul) and it was love at first whiff.

I'm normally a girl who gravitates towards fruity/floral scents that are bright and fresh--you would never catch me wearing anything that smelled strongly of pachouli or sandalwood, for instance. Which is probably why my obsession with this fragrance is a bit unusual.

Lovestruck is definitely on the heavier side of perfumes, but it's balanced out really nicely with splashes of fruit and sweetness that keep it from being overwhelmingly strong. The first distinctive scent the perfume gives is a fairly standard spicy, woodsy one that is very reminiscent of men's cologne. It's almost a little bit peppery, what with how the spiciness fills your nostrils. But then, (and this might be my favorite layer of the fragrance) it shifts into something a little sweet. However, it's not a sugary or candy sweetness--it actually smells very caramelized, like a spicy, nutmeg-y dessert that's been baking for hours.

And then, lingering in the background, are a few small touches of some sort of fruitiness. It's nothing particularly distinguishable or special, but their presence helps brighten up what would otherwise be a very heavy perfume.

As much as I love it, I don't think this fragrance is particularly unique--in fact, it reminds me a lot of Fresh's Brown Sugar perfume, only warmer and more Oriental. However, I do think the medley of the fiery masculine scent with the more mellow caramel and fruit tones makes for an interesting and altogether delicious perfume.

Personally, Lovestruck is a little too spicy for me to wear all year round as that first note of peppery-woodsiness is pretty strong, but I'm sure I'll be reaching for this non-stop in the colder months.

If my description of Vera Wang's newest perfume hasn't convinced you to smell it for yourself, well, just look at the ad campaign!

Gorgeous! And it's clear where the bottle's cap gets its design from!

What I would give to have that dress (or even look half as good as Leighton Meester does in it!).

Hope you're all well and those who experienced Hurricane Irene or lost loved ones in the storm are in my thoughts.

Have a lovely week!

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