Cheapie but Goodie: Real Techniques Blush and Powder Brushes

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A few months ago, I wrote a Beauty Cravings post on makeup things and such I wanted to get my hands on. Number 6 on that post was two makeup brushes sold at Ulta, so on my last trip there, I finally got my hands on the blush and powder ones I wanted.

Just to recap, the entire Real Techniques brush line was created by Sam Chapman, professional makeup artist and half of the YouTube sister duo Pixiwoo. Their makeup tutorials are some of my absolute favorites to watch online--flawlessly done but still well explained for us less talented beings. I had heard such good things about her brushes and frankly the prices (each was under $10!) meant they needed to come home with me.

Now I've written about makeup brushes on here before, the Eco Tools ones, but Sam's brushes absolutely blow them out of the water! I haven't tried any of her foundation or eye makeup brushes, but the powder and blush ones are absolutely perfect.

Both are almost jaw-droppingly soft and haven't shed on me (yet), but it's really the specific design of each that has me impressed. The blush brush is a sort of egg-shaped thing with slightly fewer bristles to better insure against picking up too much product. Plus, with the outermost layer of hairs being tinged white, you can really see how much cheek color you've picked up. I'm someone who tends to put on too much blush, so this particular design is a total godsend. Normally, when I'm applying my cheek product after loading up on sunscreen, whatever blush brush I'm using (usually an Eco Tools one) tends to pull on my skin during application. It's nothing extreme or painful or anything, but Sam's fluffy blush brush doesn't tug on my face at all. It just glides across really smoothly, making getting ready all that much more enjoyable.

As for the powder brush, it's more dense than most others I've tried, which is great for me because it'll pick up more of the product. But what I love best is that it seems to be the perfect halfway house between a super-dense and stiff kabuki brush and a more traditional paddle-shaped powder brush. When I use a kabuki, I tend to overpowder which is the quickest way to look like you're wearing too much makeup, but sometimes I feel like the usual powder brush isn't big enough or bristley enough to matte my face down. Sam's powder brush definitely leans more towards a standard fluffy face brush, but its bristles are a bit stiffer, ensuring that I really get the powder where it needs to be.

This is all not to mention, of course, how adorable chunky the brushes are. It's something you'd notice more with the powder brush as it's just bigger overall, and while some people might hate that, I really like the solid sturdiness of them in my hand. (Make no mistake, however, these brushes are extremely light in terms of weight).

But as I've mentioned before, my absolute favorite thing about these brushes is that they stand up on their own, thus the need for them to be on the bigger, clunkier side. It's such a stellar idea that I really can't believe no one's ever come up with it before!

My one complaint here is that I'd like for these (and all brushes) to come with that little plastic brush guard to help keep its shape better. It'd also make traveling with these guys a lot easier.

Bottom line: The next time I'm at Ulta, I'm picking up a lot more of these brushes, if not the whole range, and I really encourage you to give them a chance!

Thanks for the lovely fruits of your labor, Sam!

Hope you're all well!

Have a great week!

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