Cheapie but Goodie: Container Store 3-Drawer Box

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I don't know if it's all the back-to-school commercials, or a really delayed spring cleaning, but lately I've been really into organizing my ridiculous amount of stuff. I've always been a bit (or a lot) on the messy side, but I discovered that I huge reason for that is how none of my crap--no other word for this mess--has its own visible, accessible place.

That was precisely the case with my makeup. Everyday things I use (lash curler, mascara) are right by my mirror where I need them, but all the stuff I only use sometimes or rotate in and out of my routine was shoved into a huge toiletry bag. It was compact and kept the group contained, but having to dig through this enormous sack got to be a huge pain. Plus, all the little things like various eyeliners were impossible to find in the hodge podge of blushes, bronzers, foundations and god knows what else.

Since I've basically been living at The Container Store since I've started this "being organized" thing, I found the perfect item to store my makeup stash! This reasonably sized set of 3 drawers is great because each drawer is deep enough for stacking, but the whole thing is transparent so finding what you need is a cinch! Instead of having everything all mixed up in a bag, each drawer is now devoted to a particular area: cheeks, eyes and non-powder face makeup (foundations and concealer).

My eye makeup drawer is far too crowded, and there's no space for all my powders and lip glosses, so I'll probably wind up getting another one. Frankly, at $11.99, I might as well--there's always something else I could put in there--my shocking amount of skincare samples, maybe?

If you have an extensive makeup collection, this won't nearly be enough to hold everything--I really don't have much, and even one isn't enough for me. But it would be a great place to put your everyday essentials, right where you can see them. These drawers would be best if they came in a whole range of sizes, but this set works for now.

In case you missed it, here's my other organizational post on this simple but necessary jewelry organizer. I'm also aware that this is the second time within two weeks I'm talking about something from The Container Store--but what can I say? It's a great place to shop!

In any case, this is the last post of its kind for a while. Back to wholly beauty related things--lots of skincare and haircare goodies coming up!

And just to leave you with a bit of humor, I asked one of the salespeople at The Container Store if they had anything for nail polish organization (as my collection of 40+ is a pain to store). I told her I needed something that would hold a lot of them, and she happily pointed me to a small divided box that would hold 9 nail polishes.

I would have laughed but realized my situation is too pathetic. When The Container Store doesn't make something large enough for your needs, you clearly have a problem. =)

Hope you're all well!

And, as always, if there's anything you want me to do a post on, just leave me a comment!

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