Can't Get Enough: 8/11

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So I've started this series to share with you some non beauty-related (read: random) things I've been enjoying lately. I'll warn you now: these posts will be heavy on food and pictures--there'll be pretty minimal writing which is probably a relief to some of you!

Bracelets! Gone are the days when I thought more than three pieces of jewelry looked excessive on me! I haven't quite started mixing colors yet, but this is what my right wrist looks like these days...

Lobster rolls, of course! I've been to Luke's Lobster an almost embarrassing number of times this month. And it tastes even better than it looks!

Seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows multiple times--along with general Potter obsessiveness. Is anyone surprised?

Disclaimer: This pose is not to be taken seriously.

Poland Spring raspberry and lime sparkling water! I drank this stuff constantly in my junior year of high school and I've recently rediscovered it. It's slightly obnoxious, yes, but it's also delicious and incredibly refreshing.

The Petco near me now has chinchillas. I want one.

A habit I got into in Switzerland followed me home--how did I go so long without streaming?! (Already finished How I Met Your Mother, but I like rewatching my favorite episodes!)

Desperately longing for fall/winter--my favorite time of year! It gets all deliciously snuggly and cold, the coats and scarves come out, the apartment smells like apple cider/hot chocolate and everything feels magical and cozy! Feasts like this take place...

And walking around at night looks something like this...


Is it fall yet? I'm ready to trade in my flip flops for boots!


  1. i can only concentrate on your arm hair in that bracelet photo.

  2. damnit!

    and i thought i did such a good job photoshopping it all out!