NOTW: Sally Hansen Wavelength

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you think that's obnoxious enough? =)

Yes, everyone, after a few weeks of nail polish mutiny, I'm back in the land of summertime brights. And this particular shade is practically incandescent!

Wavelength is one of the Sally Hansen HD nail polishes (not sure how a nail polish is high definition, but if a blush can be 3-D...) and as you can see there is nothing subtle about it. This very well might be the loudest nail polish I own--and that's saying something!

This color is a shimmery, orangey-reddish pink, but coral doesn't feel like the right word to describe it. I think it's because the polish looks either a vibrant magenta-flamingo pink or a slightly more mellow burnt, tawny orange shade. The two never really mix to be what I would call coral. Does that make sense? Not my finest hue description, I know...

This was also my first experience with Sally Hansen nail polishes, and I'm really impressed! I don't know if this is just the HD line, but Wavelength was well pigmented, went on very smoothly and had the quickest drying time I have ever witnessed. My one little quibble is that I feel like they're overpriced--Sally Hansen is what I would call a drugstore nail polish brand, and if you ask me, $8.50 for a nail polish is a bit much for drugstore prices.

In any case, I'm sure the nail polish hoarder in me will have amassed a few more Sally Hansen colors in a matter of weeks. From what I saw, though, the brand has a few different collections like the Extreme ones and whatnot, so if you have recommendations on the different types of polishes, leave me a comment!

I've got some fun blog posts coming up so be on the lookout for those!

It's also hurricaning outside (no, spellcheck, that is a word!). Weird.

But it's better than ridiculous heat!

Stay safe, everyone!

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