NOTW: OPI Not Like the Movies

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apparently I didn't get the memo about it being summertime--the season for bright, almost loud nail polish colors. Subconsciously, this unusual shade is probably my own little pathetic rebellion against these unbearably hot muggy days we've been having.

Weirdly enough, though, I'm not entirely sure how out of place it feels for summer. It's definitely not what you associate with the season, but this color isn't Lincoln Park After Dark or anything.

That's what I love about this nail polish--it's so multi-dimensional that it's no one particular color, so it couldn't really be "out of season", could it? At first glance, it's a sort of metallic grayish purple but as you can hopefully tell from the picture, there's definitely some green in the mixture as well.

Under different sources of light, it can look anything from entirely asparagus green to a charcoaly eggplant. But under natural lighting, it really looks as it does in the photo (9th time's the charm!) with the gray-purple down the center of the nail and the olivey green on the sides.

Unfortunately, this color was limited edition from the Katy Perry for OPI polishes that came out last winter, but it's probably still available on Amazon or eBay. I promise this is the last one I own from that collection, though!

Also...Not Like the Movies is a cute name and everything, but am I the only one who thinks this polish should have been called E.T.? =)

Off for some Pinkberry to cool down from this heat--stay hydrated, everyone!

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