I Don't Get It: Cream Products for Summer

Friday, July 1, 2011

For those of you who are less familiar with my blog, I started the "I Don't Get It" series to talk about things I'm confused on. Past topics have included Justin Bieber and my ineptitude at applying bronzer. (PS, if you're a bronzer pro, please go back to that post and give me tips to help make it work!)

But I'm back now because everywhere I look these days, magazines and online articles are telling me to lighten up my makeup application for summer. Welcome advice, of course, but then they start preaching about the wonders of tinted moisturizer and cream blush which will both hold up better in the heat.

**The Lauren Conrad shot seems random, but this is what I picture when I think of summer makeup**

Now I've tried these tips before, and I have to ask--WHAT are these people talking about?!

As someone with oily skin, I tend to prefer mattifying products over dewy ones, but I love the efficacy of tinted moisturizer and cream blush. It's just that I tend to use them more in the winter time. But since these beauty experts know a lot more than I do, I slapped on the aforementioned products and headed out into the late June sunshine.

Not three hours later, my makeup was melting off my face. I slipped into the bathroom at Starbucks, and found my tinted moisturizer running (running!) down my neck. The cream blush was a little bit better, as the pigment was still somewhere within the region of my cheeks, but it was pretty far from where I had applied it that morning. All this happened, folks, with my usual primer and excessive face powdering!

My mom thinks this happened because all that cream product mixed with greasy sunscreen made my face susceptible to melting. But these beauty sources are adamant about sun protection too, and I applied the recommended amount--so what gives?

My theory is that cream products are meant to stand up better in dry climates, but will simply slid off your face in humid places, like New York. Moisture in the air plus heavy-duty moisture in your makeup can't end well, as I learned in the gruesome lighting of a Starbucks bathroom.

What do we think, folks? Has anyone else had this problem? Am I right about the climate thing or is my skin just too oily?

Please chime in and help me out! I would really love some thoughts and opinions on this!

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