Cheapie but Goodie: Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Gel

Sunday, July 24, 2011

These days are so humid that I've been skipping body moisturizer altogether. I know this sounds a little strange and maybe even a little gross, but I've been relying on the moisture in the air to hydrate my arms and legs. Straight out of the shower, my unlotioned skin feels a little off, but once I'm outdoors it feels perfect! Plus, on days when I use my beloved St. Ives Naturally Indulgent all over, I'm horrendously, unbearably greasy the moment I step outdoors.

This "Mother Nature Moisturizer" plan, as I called it, was working perfectly--but lately when I've been sitting around at home, the skin on my legs feels like it needs a little something. More than a mist of water, perhaps, but definitely not as heavy as even the lightest lotion.

Which, my friends, is where the Vaseline Aloe Body Gel swooped in. Available for roughly $8 at your local drugstore, this super light, highly absorbent gel is my summertime moisturizing savior. I'm pretty sure this is the only gel body moisturizer I've seen, and I can't understand why because it's such a great idea for this type of weather!

Moisturizing in most forms becomes a huge pain in humidity (at least for me) but for those people who still like to have a little hydrating something on their skin, this is a really fantastic option. It's incredibly light, glides on very smoothly, and absorbs almost unbelievably fast. Like you can put clothing on maybe a minute after rubbing it in--crazy, right? The product does leave your skin a bit tacky after you've applied it, but that sensation disappears very quickly.

As you can tell from the name, the gel contains aloe so it smells delicious but it also has a really nice cooling, almost tingling effect which is glorious after a long day out in the sun. That's actually what I imagine most people use this for--a deliciously cooling pick me up after laying out on the beach or something. Plus, if you've gotten sunburned, the aloe in the formula is sure to help soothe inflammation so it could even work as an after-sun treatment.

Obviously then, this moisturizing gel is pretty limited to use during the swampy summer season, but when the mercury's high just about everyone could enjoy slathering this on. For some reason, I particularly think men would enjoy using this--most of them don't like to moisturize, but the cooling effect and unisex smell and packaging ought to win them over.

I really haven't used too many Vaseline products other than the famous petroleum jelly, but finds like these make me want to give more of their items a try.

Let me know what you think about this body gel if you've given it a go--and if you haven't, try and pick it up next time you're at the drugstore. It might become your new summer staple!

Have a great last week of July, everyone--make it count!

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