Cheapie but Goodie: Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner

Sunday, July 31, 2011

As much as I love makeup and all things cosmetic related, there are quite a few beauty "hurdles" I have yet to overcome. One of them is how much I suck at lining my upper lash line. And I don't even mean applying eyeliner with a flick or cat eye (though I'd love to be able to do that too!) I just want a thin, smooth application of liner across my top lashes.

Since I've got more time on my hands these days, the past few weeks have been dedicated to practicing with liner in order to achieve my goal. I'm getting better, though I'm extremely slow at such a deceptively simple task, but best of all, I've discovered some real eyeliner gems along the way!

Before trying my hand with liquid and gel liners, I decided to start with the good old pencil form--easier to control and I have more experience with it. The only black liner I had was about 5 years old, so I tossed it and picked up a new one from the trustworthy Milani section at CVS. They were cheaper than the Revlon ones, the brand doesn't test on animals as far as I know, and there was only one black one left so clearly it was a matter of fate.

Given how much I love this eyeliner, I really like to think it was fate that brought us together. I wasn't sure how well lining my upper lash line would work with a pencil because it would tug and pull and not apply smoothly but this Liquif'eye one has me eating my words. It's incredibly creamy, intensely black, and once you've given it a chance to dry, it absolutely will not budge. The longevity of the liner is especially crucial if you have oily skin/eyelids like myself, but this holds up amazingly even on the most humid days on top of a layer of sunscreen.

I was goofing around with this pencil after successfully lining my upper lashes and started drawing ridiculous things like panda eyes and it honest to goodness looked like I had done it in Sharpie. It's that black and smooth. I guess that's where the Liquif'eye concept comes in--it's supposed to be like a liquid in pencil form?

After a day of wear, I got in front of the mirror again and started rubbing at the liner. My fingers had a trace of gray pigment, but the line looked just as richly black as it did before. This, for me, is the ultimate eyeliner test as I'm one of those eye-rubbing types. You don't want your makeup smearing just because you're sleepy! Obviously, this also means that if you're someone who likes to smudge their liner for a smoky effect, you'll have a smaller window of opportunity to do so.

Truthfully, the one problem with this liner is that you go through quite a bit of it. It's so creamy, it practically melts down as you apply which means frequent sharpening is in order. (Tip: if you pop the pencil into the freezer for about 10 minutes before sharpening, you won't lose as much product).

Aside from the aforementioned issue, I really can't complain about this Milani one. Frankly, for $8.99 apiece, I don't mind my pencils going stumpy on me a bit sooner than usual. And to think I was considering shelling out $18 for an Urban Decay 24/7 liner or a Make Up For Ever one!

This Liquif'eye pencil now has a permanent place in my make-up bag--it's great for its intended purpose, but also to rub onto your finger and pat onto your lid as a super quick and easy dramatic look. Anyone who wears liner should really give this a go!

Well done, Milani!

Products like these almost make me forgot about Sephora!


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