Cheapie but Goodie: Container Store Jewelry Organizer

Monday, August 1, 2011

I've never been much of a jewelry girl, aside from a small pair of earrings and my ever-present watch, but lately I can't get enough of it. This probably has to do with my recent discovery that I actually can wear gold, and that it wouldn't be a horrendous crime to mix it with silver accessories. (I've seriously never worn gold jewelry until a few months ago--disgraceful, right?)

But it's no matter, as I am completely making up for lost time! No ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet is unworthy of my attention as I shop these days--I've turned into a complete magpie. The only problem is that, like most of you, I have quite a stash of jewelry, but I wear very little of it on an everyday basis. Getting ready in the morning can be a bit of a pain because it means untangling necklaces and unhooking earrings from bracelets....hopefully some of you know what I'm talking about.

Luckily, my mom went shopping at The Container Store a few days ago, and brought home the perfect solution! As you can see, it's a pretty standard jewelry holder--the bottom row is clearly for bracelets, and while the top row could be used for more wrist-wear, it's better suited for necklaces.

It's so simple, but it's so genius! It saves me time in the morning, and it gives me a clear view of accessorizing options--what could be better? I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten about a really cute pendant or bracelet because it was in one of my drawers, out of sight.

But my absolute favorite thing about this organizer is the black velvet upholstering and how it can make even my ridiculously cheap accessories look a little bit more expensive. =)

I am wholly convinced that anyone who wears jewelry needs this in their life. My mom said she picked it up on sale for $10, and it's still available at the reduced price! Here's the link!

Sure, my racks might be looking a little empty right now, but give me a few more weeks of bauble shopping and I might even run out of room!

Thanks, Mom!


  1. where can you put your rings on your jewelry organizer?

  2. ahhh i forgot to mention that.

    i dont have too many rings, but i might look into one of those wooden hand model things where you slip the rings over the fingers.

    in any case, rings don't get tangled and bunched up the way necklaces and bracelets do. they only get lost!