Cheapie but Goodie: Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I tend to think that most body washes (particularly those of the drugstore variety) are the same. One way or another, they all get your body clean--the only thing that really differentiates them is the way they smell. Because of this theory, I've never particularly cared about what I use to wash my body.

Until now.

On my last trip to Target I saw these cute bottles of body cleanser Caress was promoting called "Whipped Souffle." Any of you who read my post on the St. Ives Naturally Indulgent moisturizer will know I'm a sucker for marketing phrases like that. They were also on sale and I had never seen them at drugstores around me, so I popped two into my basket.

I didn't get around to using them for a bit but when I did, the experience shattered my "every shower gel is the same" notion. Yes, that may be true for a lot of them, but this particular product is an example of a stand-out body wash.

The immediate difference is the consistency of this "Whipped Souffle" stuff--it's not quite moussy like a souffle would be, but it's thick and slightly creamy without being dense. Clearly this isn't going to be one of those dish/gel soap type shower gels that pour out in thin streams. I love a cleanser that lathers beautifully, and this one does to the point where you need very little product on your loofa to go over your whole body. Not only are these bottles amazingly economical, folks (I believe I paid around $3 each!) but they'll last you forever!

I'll admit that the scent leaves something to be desired as the White Peach Cream smells musky and powdery with a very faint hint of peach. To be honest, as someone who pretty much goes off scent alone while buying shower gels, I probably wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't on sale.

In the shower, this product isn't anything particularly special, except it's slightly more creamy than most of its kind. But you really feel the difference in your skin once you dry off. Usually, out of the shower, my skin is screaming at me to moisturize, but that's never the case when I use this Caress stuff. This body wash has a very silkening, softening agent that makes my skin feel good and healthy whether I use moisturizer or not. That's not to say that this shower gel is hydrating enough to be a lotion, because it's not, but it doesn't make me feel like I need to slather on moisturizer, either. Hopefully that makes sense?

In any case, I really think this body wash is the best one I've ever tried. I know it can be a little hard to track down, but if you ever see it, pick it up and try it out for yourself!

And if any of you agree/disagree with my "all shower gels are the same" theory, tell me why in the comments!

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