Cheapie but Goodie: The Body Shop Body Butter

Sunday, July 17, 2011

As someone whose skin doesn't get too dry, I've never been a huge fan of body butters, or any sort of thick moisturizer. Even in the driest days of winter, my skin never seems to require such densely hydrating products. Moreover, I absolutely hate waiting for moisturizer to sink into my skin--you're all tacky and greased up and sitting down would leave marks. Not fun.

But I was in The Body Shop a few weeks ago, and they were having one of their crazy sales where everything is "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" or something. It seems I'm in there a lot lately, as some of you might remember my Body Shop haul post from a while back--I swear the last time I've shopped there so frequently was during middle school! I wasn't going to get anything, but then I saw in the $10 bin...Passion Fruit Body Butter!

I should explain that I'm kind of obsessed with passion fruit. It's hard to find here in New York, and when you do, it's never ripe and always overpriced. But every time I'm in my mother's native Taiwan, I buy these babies at the market, split, scoop, and then feast by the bowlful. (PS, those of you familiar with Asian milk tea establishments--they usually serve passion fruit green tea! Try it, it's delicious!)

The second I saw the tub in the store, I practically ran over, unscrewed the lid and gave it a sniff worthy of cocaine addicts. Now it's not 100% like the true smell of passion fruit, but it's very close. Unfortunately, that "artificial" smell The Body Shop seems to love using is present, but it's not too noticeable here, unlike in the strawberry one.

Of course I brought one home, and am pleased to report that when my mom walked into my room after I had applied the body butter to my hands, she asked why it smelled like passion fruit. I love the scent, of course, but the past few weeks with this product have given me a new perspective on thick, rich moisturizers. Now I don't apply this all over my body--given the crazy humidity, it would probably never absorb into my skin. Instead, I use it only on the areas that are notoriously dry--my elbows, knees, feet, and occasionally, hands. This body butter has particularly been a real saving grace for my cracked, dry feet lately as a pre-bedtime treat. Being that it's so rich, it tends to leave your skin with less of a glow and more of a grease which is why I tend to stay away from this product if I'm going out. But if you've got dry skin and are in the mood for some home pampering, this would be a great item to work into your little spa day.

Now these body butters around $18 full priced which I think is a little bit much. Each tub contains 200 ml, or 6.9 oz, but with something as rich as this, a little will go a very long way. The real reason I'm filing this under "Cheapie but Goodie", though, is that their body butters are on sale so frequently it's almost a constant thing. When shopping at The Body Shop (and Bath and Body Works) there's absolutely no reason to pay full price. Both stores have huge sales pretty frequently, and they tend to go on for a few weeks at a time. Just check the website every so often to see what items are marked down and then go stock up!

I'm currently sitting in bed, with my feet slathered in passion fruit body butter and covered in socks. I swear, there's no more delightful indulgence for your worn out tootsies!

If any of you have a body butter/thick moisturizer you love, tell me in the comments!

And don't forget to give this passion fruit tub of love a sniff next time you're in The Body Shop!

Have a great week!

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