The Reine and Shopping in Konstanz, Germany--A Day in Pictures!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So last night, totally out of no where, my grandmother informed me and my cousin that today we would be going to Germany! As it turns out, our trip wasn't so random, because the part of Germany we went to (Konstanz, about 45 minutes from Zurich) was having one of their semi-annual sales. A few countries in Europe have these massive sales twice a year, and my cousin and I were irked that we were in France too early for one of theirs. But today's shopping excursion and all the money we saved was amazing--we probably bought more than our suitcases could hold. (Germany haul post will be up tomorrow!) I don't shop abroad too often, but it's pretty terrific because paying in different currency feels like Monopoly money--it doesn't even count! =)

Our first stop was Muller, the drugstore/perfumery/candy store/sephora. Or as I will call it, the place I would like to be buried...

After we browsed for literally an hour and a half (My grandmother couldn't believe her L'Oreal Elnett hairspray was 2.95 Euro a can. I couldn't believe I almost paid $20 for it in New York!) we took a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood...

Saw a mall in the distance, and decided to stop for some lunch before we carried on with our shopping. Brats and spaetzle were in order, of course!

For the next four hours, my cousin and I shopped like we had never shopped before. Besides, enjoying the outstanding sale rack at H&M, I picked up a lot of beauty things you'll see in tomorrow's haul post! Until then, here's a shot of a minibar inside a clothing store!

Had a quick post-shopping gelato break...

And then walked on some docks, enjoying the view of the Reine!

Stopped for one last coffee at an outdoor cafe before crossing the border to go home--very happy and extremely tired...

A fantastic day was had by all--my grandmother is still talking about how much money she saved, and I'm literally lying on my bed with all of my purchases surrounding me. This is actually something I do a lot after a wonderful day of shopping to bask in my consumer glow, but that doesn't make it sound any less pathetic!

I'm can't wait to share my purchases with all of you-hopefully you'll find them as exciting as I do! Look for my haul post tomorrow!

Good night!

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