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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm in Paris!

We arrived here last night, dumped our bags at my brother's laughably small "studio" and headed out for...falafel! Not exactly what I had imagined my first Parisian meal being, but still delicious!

My brother has a second floor balcony/terrace which opens into the street and my cousin and I spent large parts of last night and early this morning standing out there and feeling very French indeed.

I'm going to have a Zurich haul for you coming up sometime soon, but I'll wait on that as we're going to the very touristy Champs-Elysses in a bit and who knows what I'll wind up buying there =)

So until then, I've got a Nail of the Week post for you, and I didn't just pick this color because the name is French. That was just an added bonus. This polish is one of my favorites, because it feels so unique--a pinky/rose gold nail color isn't too easy to find. I tend to wear it more in the winter time and around holiday season, but it's practically a neutral so I figure it could work in the spring as well. It's also a great travel polish because its glittery formula allows for minimal to no chipping.

This particular polish was limited edition from last winter's Cham Pale collection, but I'm told Orly's Rage is a very similar shade.

We're off for some touristy sights and freshly baked croissants!

Keep an eye out for that haul post!

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