NOTW: Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few weeks ago, when I was still in Switzerland, I did a Beauty Cravings post on products I want to get my hands on, and Butter London nail polishes were listed.

I am now ashamed to write that one of my first acts upon setting foot on American soil was dashing off to Ricky's to quench my embarrassing thirst for this nail polish.

I know, I know--I have problems.

But let's not dwell on those issues with such a pretty polish to talk about, eh?

Firstly, the formula! This was my first experience with Butter London nail polishes, and overall I'm rather surprised. Compared to my beloved OPI colors, this polish is considerably thinner and runnier. And yet, unlike stupid Essie (I swear that brand just doesn't work for me!), that doesn't make the color streaky or difficult to apply. In fact, even after three coats of Primrose Hill Picnic, my now decorated nails were incredibly smooth and didn't feel gooped up, like multiple layers of OPI can occasionally be. Hopefully it's just this shade, but the polish was a little bit on the sheer side which is why I did three coats to achieve opacity. Normally when I have to do three layers, my overall application is less than stellar, but this seriously might be the best paint job I've done, not that you can tell!

Apologies for the ridiculously blurry photo, by the way--I'm having some camera issues at the moment and this was the best I could do. But in case you can't tell, Primrose Hill Picnic is a vibrant, magenta-fuschia like color--like an intense cool-toned pink with some purple splashed in. It's a really nice bright summertime shade that's not so over-the-top flashy that it becomes unwearable on longer nails.

I was planning on sporting patriotic nails this weekend, but I like this color so much that I don't think I'll be taking it off anytime soon!

Is that unacceptable, do you think?

To wear English nail polish on the day we commemorate declaring our independence from Britain?


Somehow, I don't think anyone will care... =)


  1. Why did you begin with the word so? There is no preceding clause, sentence, or paragraph to constitute it.

    1. Good point. "So" is a nasty habit I should've kicked by now. Thank you for calling it to my attention.

  2. D'oh! Now I feel a little trollish for playing Grammar Police. Seriously though: I appreciate your humility and grace. Had I been fair, I would've said yours are some of the most well-written blog posts I've seen; indeed, it was an extreme fluke that I caught the "So ..." thing amid your otherwise superb body of work. Again, thanks for being so cool about it. All the best!

    1. Oh, don't worry about it! I can be a bit nuts about grammar too, though nothing gets to me like bad spelling! Thanks for the lovely compliments!