Haul: Germany!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So as I told you in the previous post, yesterday was spent shopping in Germany and we did some damage. I did pick up a few clothing items, but they're really not too interesting as it's mostly jeans and fairly basic pieces, so I'll just show you the good stuff--beauty products and a few accessories!

All of these things (except for the bracelets) were purchased from Muller, and it was kind of a bittersweet experience. My obsession with haircare products had me lunging for every deep treatment/conditioning mask on the shelves, but I didn't think I could afford the weight. Between the chocolate, cheese, and Bioderma products I'm bringing home, my suitcase might be over the weight limit as it is. Luckily, Muller offers miniature packets of hair treatments right next to the full-sized containers, so I picked up three different ones, for under 1 Euro each! The yellow is the Balea After Sun Fortifier, the familiar blue one is Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration Mask, and the pink is Guhl's 1 Minute Liquid Silk Repair Treatment. I was going to (sadly) leave it at that, but a very nice girl shopping next to me said the Guhl stuff worked wonders for her, so I bought the full-sized bottle which luckily isn't too big.

None of the makeup at Muller looked particularly enticing, as it was mostly international brands like Clarins, Estee Lauder, and Chanel sold for higher prices. I did, however, pick up my much-loved Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller (see my review on it here!) for 8 Euro! A total bargain considering I pay almost $20 for the same thing in New York!

And then, to no one's surprise, I bought a few nail polishes from various brands. Like I always do when buying something I already have a lot of, I tried to avoid repurchasing similar colors. That didn't work too well, considering one is almost exactly like China Glaze's For Audrey, but overall I'm really pleased with the somewhat unusual colors I got. Here's an up-close shot of my new varnishes...

Did you catch the label on the leftmost one? Who knew Maybelline made nail polishes?

They're all gorgeous, and well pigmented, but the stand-out polish is the second from the right. It's an inky duo chrome, metallic purplish, grayish greenish color--meaning that it looks totally different under different lighting. I expect you'll be seeing it soon in a Nail of the Week post!

And then later on, while browsing the racks at H&M, I picked up a few new bracelets to play with. Brown, gold, and economical was the theme as both were under 4 Euro!

Between all the stuff I bought in Paris, Germany, and Zurich (Swiss haul post coming soon!), packing is really going to be an issue. We're leaving on Sunday, so I need to get that problem sorted out, don't I?

If you've tried any of the things I bought and liked/hated it, please let me know!

Another haul post will be up tomorrow, and after that I'm going to lay off shopping for a while.

Well, unless I'm tempted by the airport's duty free section... =)

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