Burt's Bees Body Lotions--Radiance and Milk and Honey

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So because the love of my moisturizing life, the St. Ives Naturally Indulgent doesn't have a fixture to close the pump-top (my one complaint!), I've had to bring other body moisturizers for my French-Swiss trip. A few Burt's Bees products were on sale at my local CVS so I picked them up and tossed them in my suitcase, deciding to try them out while on vacation.

The two I got are the Milk and Honey Body Lotion, and the Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly, and I have to say, my overall impression of these products is a completely mediocre ehhhh. The Radiance is by far my least favorite of the two, though that's not to say it isn't occasionally useful. The lotion contains flecks of mica, giving the skin an instantly healthy and shimmery appearance when rubbed in. However pretty this effect may sound, I find it looks a little weird on skin as pale as mine, but if you like to self-tan or have naturally darker skin (jealous!) this could be great to give you a pretty summery glow. The sparkle factor is seen the most when your skin is under direct sunlight--something you might want to keep in mind. It also, despite it's name, isn't quite as moisturizing as it should be. It's an extremely liquidy and runny product (if you shake it up you can really hear the "lotion" sloshing around) which is probably why it's barely hydrating. If anything, this item should be re-marketed as a body luminizer or something. If that were the case, I might repurchase it if I could get over the terribly herbal smell. My cousin actually likes it--she says it smells like tea--but I think it smells like half an overwhelmingly powerful herb garden mixed with a healthy splash of cedar smoke. And if for some reason that description comes off as appealing, it's not supposed to be. Seriously.

Probably because I'm not such a fan of the Radiance, I've been getting quite a bit of use out of the Milk and Honey. It's a lot more moisturizing than its dresser-top counterpart--something which is visible even in the consistency of the lotion. The product itself comes out as a sort of thick, creamy texture which I'm actually pretty fond of--it's nice to feel like a skincare item is really doing its job, isn't it? My only issues with this moisturizer is that it feels a little bit awkward to actually put on. Once you get it on your hands, legs, arms, whatever have you, it's almost as though the product resists melting into your skin. You need to rub it around a bit longer than usual, and then all of a sudden, the lotion gives up and is absorbed by your skin cells. And then, for a few minutes after that, the area you've just moisturized feels sticky and tacky and even a little bit greasy. All in all, not the most comfortable of lotions to apply. And in terms of scent, I prefer it by far to the Radiance, but I wouldn't quite say the Milk and Honey smells good either. It does smell a lot like honey, obviously, but there's also this huge powderiness to the scent that's really off-putting--like a huge dose of baby powder lingering in the background.

Despite my not-so-stellar experience, I'm still glad I tried these out, because I was curious about them for a while. And if you're wondering why this post isn't categorized under "Worth Every Penny?" or "Cheapie but Goodie" it's because it doesn't fit in either one. The lotions aren't expensive enough to count for the first form (they're roughly $8 per 6 ounce bottles) and they're not good enough to to be in the second section.

Normally I love Burt's Bees products, but after using these two lotions, I'm just feeling a little disappointed and underwhelmed.

But at least they were on sale--no big loss here!

Tomorrow's post will be a fun one--we're going exploring in Zurich!

Expect lots of pictures of buildings, skylines, and ridiculously delicious desserts!

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