NOTW: OPI Teenage Dream

Monday, May 9, 2011

As a nail polish junkie, the only thing I love better than having pretty painted nails is sharing information on the polish! So I've decided to do just that in this "Nail of the Week" series. I know for most bloggers, it's Nail of the Day, but as much as I love nail polish, I'm not sure I could handle such constant repainting.

I like to paint my nails every Sunday night before my school week starts, mostly because (as I am CRAP at painting my nails) the excess polish all over my cuticles and surrounding skin comes off in the shower the next morning. That's seriously a priceless tip for those of us with abysmal hand-eye-coordination.

The first post of this series is a particularly fun one: Katy Perry for OPI's Teenage Dream. I was really looking forward to wearing this in the spring and boy, does it sparkle in the sunshine!
The polish itself is a light, frosty, cool-toned pink, but with a whole bunch of chunky microglitter thrown into the mix. Very playful, very interesting, very Katy Perry.

The glitter catches the light like you wouldn't believe and make your nails look like small, toned-down versions of disco balls. If you're into more subtle polishes, I don't think this would be your thing, but for those of us who like to play around with our nail varnishes (mea culpa), Teenage Dream is definitely one of a kind. Even with all of my polish perusing, I have never seen anything remotely similar to this color.

While the glitter is amazing, it also makes the polish an enormous pain to remove, which conversely makes for less chipping. But if you soak a cotton pad (cotton balls shed too much) with remover, and hold it down on the nail for a bit before swiping it away, it will come off easier.

It's more sheer than typical OPI formulas--two coats was decent, but I sprung for three for maximum glitter. These are some pictures I took at various stages of nail admiration throughout the day. Excuse the less-than-stellar paint job!

And then, because I could NOT stop obsessing over the way the glitter sparkled and changed colors under the light, I took a video. Yes, of my nail polish.


Believe me, it was even more fascinating during a boring class.

If you do have this polish, I hope this post and my pathetic video have inspired you to dig it out and slap some on. If you don't, I believe it's still available on Ebay or Amazon (the Katy Perry collection was limited edition) and hopefully won't be too hard to track down.

How could you go wrong with pink, glitter, and Katy Perry?

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  1. the video of your one finger wiggling up and down is a bit creepy not gonna lie.