NOTW: China Glaze For Audrey

Monday, May 23, 2011

So last week I promised you all a lighter, more spring-appropriate nail polish color and I think I've delivered!

I kept hearing all this chatter about China Glaze nail polishes online, specifically this For Audrey color. Because I had never seen China Glaze anywhere in New York, I found this great website that sells polish from all brands, and for great prices! Warning: It looks EXTREMELY sketchy and untrustworthy, but it's totally legit! I've ordered from there a few times now, and the only questionable thing they do is not tell you how much shipping is till after you've already paid. But I don't think their shipping is any higher than standard and they're based somewhere in New York State, if that helps anyone.

So, being the nail polish freak I am, I googled, "must have China Glaze colors" (true story!) and picked up a few pretty shades--one of them being For Audrey.

It's described as a perfect Tiffany robin's egg blue, and I actually think that's a pretty accurate description. (For Audrey...Audrey Hepburn...Breakfast at Tiffany's? Too cute!) It does tend to look a little more minty-green in some lighting, but overall it's just the most gorgeous creamy, blue-green pastel shade.

I didn't think it would flatter my yellow-toned skin, but it actually looks halfway decent on me! Or at the very least, it doesn't make me look jaundice.

Exciting announcement coming soon! Hope everyone has a great week!