Must-Have: Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm back with the start of a new category of post I've dubbed "Must-Haves"--as in, reviews of products I, (surprise), must have. Very original, right?

Kicking off this new venture is the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion for cystic acne. Now, I know in my post a few weeks back I mentioned how clear my skin was. Evidently, the universe decided I was bragging too much and decided to throw some heinous cystic acne my way to teach me a lesson.

In case you don't know what it is (you lucky thing, you!) cystic acne are large, red bumps that are buried deep within the skin, never come to a point---unpoppable--and tend to hurt when you touch them.

Attractive, I know.

I have no idea where this flare-up came from, as nothing had changed in my skincare routine, but before going back to my dermatologist and pleading for help, I decided to see if there was any product I could find that would help take care of this problem.

I stumbled across the Mario Badescu aisle at Ulta one day. I knew the brand was famous for their Drying Lotion--rumored to clear up whiteheads overnight--but I had never really heard much about them, aside from that they specialized in acne.Their Buffering Lotion caught my eye and I, having never seen anything specifically marketed for cystic acne before, decided to pick it up.

Thank God I did.

Folks, this stuff is clearing up those foul bumps like nothing else! Simply shake up the bottle, apply the product to cleansed skin where it's needed (pretty much everywhere in my case) and you will be amazed within days! It does smell very strongly of rubbing alcohol, but most acne-clearing products smell highly chemical (ugh, Proactiv) and I'm far too impressed with my results to care. My face had cleared up considerably just within two days of using this product (morning and night)--faster results than I've even had with my dermatologist! It's a very liquidy consistency and yet it's not an entirely smooth one--it feels very mildly abrasive while you rub it on, even though it doesn't contain exfoliating particles. Best of all, despite the intense ingredients I'm sure the lotion contains, it's not overly drying. Being an acne-fighter, it pretty much has to be somewhat drying, but as long as you follow this up with a moisturizer, I don't see it causing your skin to flake or anything.

What did I ever do without this product? How did I battle my way through two years of high school with horrendous cystic acne not knowing this was out there?

I'm still combatting these breakouts, I'm afraid, but with the buffering lotion in my arsenal, those little monsters should be gone in no time!

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