Must-Have: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

After a glorious spring break and my usual lazing about the house, I suddenly find myself in the painful crunch time the end of the school year brings. Between term papers, looming finals, and meetings with my advisors, I've been relying on this one particular product more than usual.

But my love affair with the Batiste dry shampoo is not just an occasional thing--this product has been my saving grace for years now and I couldn't even begin to count the number of cans I've gone through. Rest assured, that even if it means going a little hungry (couldn't hurt in my situation) I will always have at least two canisters of this magic product, which is why it makes the "Must-Haves" list.

For those of you who don't know, dry shampoo is basically a powder usually in aerosol spray form that you put into your hair to absorb oil. It sounds gross and maybe even a little misleading, as it's not actually washing your hair. What it does do, however, is make your hair a little fuller on top and gives it all the appearance of being clean, which is good enough for me!

I wash my hair every other day to avoid the burning and itchiness shampooing daily would give me, so this product is an absolute godsend. Simply lift up pieces of your hair, aim the nozzle directly at your greasy roots, and spray. I like to do it in short blasts because a continual spray usually applies too much, and with this item a little goes a long way. The label tells you to leave it for a few moments but what they don't mention is how crucial that step is. You really want to give it a good 3 or so minutes to settle into your hair and allow it to absorb all the greasiness--believe me, it just won't work if you don't wait a bit. When you've done that, just go through with your fingers or a brush (warning: a brush will get the powder all over the bristles and its base, which is difficult to clean out) and massage the powder in. To save time I just go in with my fingers and rough my roots up a little, and all traces of the white powder disappear.

I know applying such a distinctly white powder worries a lot of people with darker hair, but my hair is just about black, and as long as you're not spraying half the can at a time, this stuff won't make your hair chalky or grayish-white.

I've tried a lot of dry shampoos before finding this one, and I really think Batiste is the best. Drugstore's Pssssstt has a really chunky-feeling powder that's difficult to blend into the hair and will absolutely leave white streaks, Tresemme's comes out wet, weighs my hair down and leaves it greasier than before, and TIGI's Rockaholic has a terrible nozzle that breaks just after a few uses. I will say that I think the Holy Grail dry shampoo, Klorane, is really fantastic and has an even finer consistency than that of the Batiste, but $18 is just too much. The difference between the Batiste and Klorane is marginal (the more finely milled powder of the latter allows it to blend slightly easier), and simply not worth the roughly $10 price hike.

I like to use it to add some volume to day-old hair, or even to extend the life of a blowout by a day or two. But, these days, my Batiste cans have been getting the most use on mornings when I wake up late and don't have the time for a good shower-shampoo.

Best of all, Batiste offers two scented dry shampoos along with the original--blush and tropical. Tropical is a fruity, sweet smell, and blush is a delicate floral scent that could almost be a perfume. No other brand I know of offers scented powder shampoo, and it really is a clever idea to get your hair looking and smelling fresh.

And in case this all wasn't convincing enough, I'll recap something that happened to me yesterday. I had woken up late, done a quick dry shampoo and high-tailed it to school, where we wound up playing Telephone--it was relevant and educational, I swear. The person whispering to me passed on the message and then got close to my head again to sniff my hair and say, "Your hair smells so good!"

I was tempted to say, "Oh, really?! Because it's actually overdue for a wash, and there's three days of grease and sweat built-up in my roots right now."

But I decided a simple thank you would suffice.

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