Must-Have Travel Items: Skincare

Monday, May 30, 2011

Here we are with the last in the three-part series of all the beauty related items I am taking with me on my Zurich/Paris trip. If you missed the first two segments, just scroll down a little bit--I've been on a nonstop blogging kick lately.

My crazy oily skin has been acting up a lot lately, in the form of disgusting bulbous cystic acne all over my face. Fun stuff, I assure you. Really boosts my self-esteem.

So because I'm trying to prevent these little devils from popping up all over the place, I've been on a bit of a stricter skincare regimen than usual--meaning there's more stuff to take. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a trip to my dermatologist before I leave and convince him to blast my face with napalm or something to get this ridiculous acne off. Whatever it takes!

And again, I'd be more than happy to do a review on anything you see--just ask!

1. Avene Cleanance Eau Thermale Face Cleanser: My mom bought me a few products from this line when she was in Zurich a few months ago. I've seen it at a few random hole-in-the-wall apothecaries since then, and if you live in New York, most Duane Reades sell these products.
2. Avene Cleanance Eau Thermale Toner: This particular skincare line is supposedly famous for clearing up acne--hence, why my mother purchased them for me. The toner of course corresponds to the cleanser, and while the combination of the two does a good job of cutting through my sebum and oil build-up, I have yet to see any difference in my skin. Hopefully a few more weeks should do the trick, as I haven't been using these products for very long. And if not, they'll get the boot and I'll try something else!
3. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner: This guy right here might be my favorite toner of all time. It smells clean and fresh, and doesn't leave any sort of tacky residue on my face or dry me out. I didn't pick any up on my last visit to The Body Shop because I still have a lot left from the previous "Buy 3, get 2 free" skincare sale. And if you're wondering why two toners is necessary, it's because I don't wash my face in the morning--only swipe some toner all over with a cotton pad. It sounds gross, but my dermatologist assured me it's perfectly fine as long as I've thoroughly cleansed my skin the night before.
4. Clinique All About Eyes Rich: If you've read my post on this eye cream, you'd understand exactly why this is coming with me. My love for this product and my dry under-eye area won't let me go anywhere without it.
5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: I've been using this moisturizer for a few years now, and it's absolutely perfect for anyone with oily skin. You don't need very much, as its gel-like consistency really spreads, and it leaves my face feeling perfectly comfortable and balanced.
6. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion: I couldn't fight my cystic acne without this little guy. As I mentioned in my review of this product, it really does wonders in terms of shrinking my giant zits. However, despite excessive use of this acne treatment, they have yet to go away. If anyone knows of a magic cystic-acne killer on the market, please let me know!
7. Boots No 7 Quick Thinking Wipes: This was one of the first things I ever blogged about, and given it's wondrous ways of removing makeup and dirt so quickly and gently, I just have to take a pack of these.
8. Kiehls Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+: I am an absolute sunscreen fanatic--I'm rather infamous amongst family and friends for always having a white face during the summer months--and this sunscreen just might be my favorite. It's very liquid, meaning none of that greasy feel you get with more solid sunblocks, and makes a surprisingly decent base under makeup. There are quite a few other sunscreens I want to try, though, so expect a post on that in the coming months!
9. Mario Badescu Drying Mask (sample): I did an evaluation on the Mario Badescu site a few months ago and they sent me some free samples in the mail. In case I get struck with the overwhelming desire to do a face mask (unlikely) this little pot of product should fulfill my need.

Well that's it, folks! We have come to the conclusion of my must-have travel items--obviously I'll be bringing other things with me for my month-long trip, but that won't be very interesting to blog about, would it? And these are some gray and white short-cut athletic socks, a Costco-size bottle of my favorite contact solution...

I've been thinking about revamping my blog so the next time you stop by, things might look a little different! Expect a post up sometime tomorrow about how I'll be blogging during my trip.

Someone also told me the only way to comment on my posts is if you're anonymous? I'll look into this--but if some kind soul could tell me whether or not this is true, I'd really appreciate it.

Hope everyone's having a great week and enjoying this warm weather! (I, for the record, am still grouchy about the summer heat and have banished myself to my briskly air-conditioned bedroom).

All's right in the world! =)

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