Haul: The Body Shop!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So if you're not familiar with the term "haul", it's a word frequented on a lot of YouTube videos, where one displays all the things they bought and "hauled" home. I don't know about you guys, but there's nothing I love more than coming home from a bit of a shopping spree and then repeatedly picking up and staring at the stuff I bought. That's just what I was doing today when I decided to do a haul blog post--the first, I'm sure, of many.

I popped into The Body Shop today to pick up some acne-fighting products for my cousin, when the adorable Australian saleslady (Hi, Linden!) informed me they were having their "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale. Alongside the 10% discount I get for being a Body Shop member (or whatever it's called) and my $10 store credit birthday present, I could potentially be saving myself a lot of money. It would just be rude not to take advantage of the savings!

So I wound up repurchasing some old favorites as well as trying out some new things I've been eyeing for a while. And if you stick with me through the end, I'll tell you the best part of all--how much money I saved!

My cousin wanted something that would fight acne using tea tree oil, so I picked up a miniature set of the tea tree skin clearing line. I've purchased the same kit of the seaweed collection (my personal favorite) and the case and small sizes are perfect for short trips and weekends away.

Because something about the humid summer air makes my already massive pores look crater-like, I also got the Seaweed Pore Perfector, which I've never tried before. I've tried a few similar "pore-shrinking" products from other lines, and they all make my pores appear smaller when applied under make-up or on its own, but it's definitely not a permanent effect.

I'll be doing some traveling soon, and that stuffy, recycled airplane air makes my usually greasy skin pretty dry, so upon Linden's recommendation I purchased the Vitamin E Face Mist. I've already given it a try, and I'm actually pretty impressed. It seems to be sort of anti-inflammatory, feels really cooling, and hydrates my face perfectly! This sort of reminds me of those Evian spray bottles, only hopefully less pretentious. =)

In my quest to avoid being the only pale-skinned freak in Manhattan, I'll be tampering with some self-tanner this summer, and as any sunless tanner junkie will tell you, the first step is proper exfoliation. The Body Shop sells lots of body scrubs, but I just picked the sweet lemon one because it smelled the best!

And last but most certainly not least, I got two bottles of the banana conditioner. (2 for $10!) My favorite conditioner of all time is likely Redken's All Soft one, because it's super thick and moisturizing and makes my hair (duh) insanely soft. But it is expensive, and back when I had long, brittle hair, I went through conditioner like nothing else. After trying out the banana conditioner at a friend's house, I realized it was almost exactly like the Redken! It's less thick in consistency--the All Soft is practically a paste--but it's definitely not runny, and makes my hair feel just as soft and healthy. Apparently Redken cites one of its ingredients as banana pulp, which I'm sure the banana conditioner is chock full of. Maybe bananas have ultra softening and hydrating properties?

That may not seem like a lot of stuff to you--but it's rare for me to buy so many things at one time and place, so I definitely feel like I indulged!

Best of all, at the very bottom of my receipt were the words Total Savings, followed by $39.78! I saved 40 bucks--can you believe it?

I'm currently sitting on my bed, with all my fabulous new products spread around me--the consumer in a state of contented bliss.



  1. Hi, my question is- does your mom actually read your blog?

  2. @anonymous

    haha that's the really sad part-she doesnt! but i figure she might one day, so i put the "i love you" disclaimer there just in case.

    my life sounds increasingly pathethic =)

    thanks for taking the time to comment--you have no idea how happy it makes me!