Worth Every Penny?: Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm back with the second installment of "Worth Every Penny?" featuring a rather famous lip balm I could never leave Sephora without smearing on my lips. Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment receives quite a bit of attention considering what it is and I had lusted after it for years but couldn't manage to make myself pay the $22.50 price tag.

Yes. That's for a lip balm--0.15 ounces of lip balm, to be exact.

It was right around Christmas when my lips were in painful need of some TLC that I saw an amazing deal Fresh was running. They were offering a full-sized lip balm, small spritzer of their Brown Sugar perfume and a 3.5 ounce tube of the cult favorite Brown Sugar body cream all for $28! It was too good to pass up, naturally, so I picked it up.

The body cream (it really is too sinfully thick to be called a lotion) and perfume were absolutely heavenly and worth a look, but the lip balm is an entirely different story.

I tend to reach for lip balm in the colder, drier months when my lips really need some protective hydration from that damned chapping wind. Softlips barely does anything, EOS feels intensely goopy, and Nivea is intolerably waxy.

And Fresh? Well, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is really nothing more than an excessive (and expensive!) luxury. It does make your lips feel unbelievably silky and smooth when you first apply it, but the product starts disappearing the moment you even rub your lips together. It takes very little time for me to feel as though there's nothing on my lips at all. The smell is divine (a citrusy, sort of sweet scent) and the packaging is nice and sturdy but the product itself doesn't seem to do anything special. Worst of all is just how quickly a tube of this obscenely priced product goes! That's only adding insult to injury considering how little product originally comes with it.

Bottom line: I can think of a lot of better, more worthwhile things $22.50 would purchase--no intentions here of buying this lip balm again!

Has anyone else tried it and maybe thought it was the best money they ever spent? I'm up to hearing different opinions!

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