Worth Every Penny?: Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I was thinking about making this product a new type of blog post--"Can't Live Without It" or "Please Bury Me with This Item" or even "I Would Sell My First-Born for It."

I love this eye cream just that much.

I'm only eighteen so while it might sound unusual for me to be using an eye cream, the area around my eyes is very prone to being dry--a sharp contrast to my severely oily skin. I'm told that people don't have oil glands around their eyes which is why it's important to use a good hydrating product there. (Yes, that information did come from my dermatologist).

At first, I just started borrowing some of my mom's face cream--it looked thick enough. I would slather it on at night and then wake up with dry patches under my eyes that sometimes even flaked!

I tried a few cheap eye creams at the drugstore but none of them were nearly rich enough and some even made my eyes sting.

Desperate for some sort of intensely moisturizing relief, I headed to my mothership (Sephora) on the prowl for a good eye cream. I suffered severe sticker-shock (who knew a few ounces of cream in a pot could be so expensive?) before finding the Clinique All About Eyes Rich and picked up the smaller of the two tubs.

Folks, I am not joking when I say that this product has changed my life. Within my very first application of the cream, I knew I had stumbled upon something very special. The first thing you notice is doubtlessly the heavenly rich (duh, the name), incredibly moisturizing, thickness of the product. This isn't just an eye cream--it's an eye cream on steroids. It does claim to have anti-aging properties--specifically to lighten dark circles and decrease fine lines, but I think that's all advertising as I haven't witnessed any of those "effects."

I don't even care that the packaging blurb lies! The cream is Michael Bloomberg-Bill Gates-Mark Zuckerberg-rich. I honestly had no idea how very dry my under-eye area was until I started using this product. (Kind of like how you don't know how bad Teriyaki Boy is until you eat really good sushi).

The cream comes in a smaller and larger size, running $29 for half an ounce and $47.50 for one ounce respectively. However, the product itself is so intensely thick that only the slightest tap of your finger into the tub will get the job done.

I've been using this eye cream for almost two years now and the bigger pot of the product lasts me about 8-9 months--totally worth the money.

The ultimate test of this little miracle worker? Seeing if I can live without it. I ran out of the eye cream about two weeks ago and have been trying everything under the sun to see if there's another product that is comparable. (Okay, okay, I was also being cheap and trying to save money). Not only was there no duplicate of this Clinique godsend, but all those other loser wanna-be eye creams didn't even come close to my baby. I cracked about a week into my little experiment and now my Holy Grail product is back in my life.

Bottom line: I don't intend to ever be without this. I will sell a kidney, my blood, and maybe even my body (although I'm not sure how much that would bring...) to keep on repurchasing this product.

You know you love something when you're willing to commit prostitution to have it!

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