Must-Have: Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking Wipes

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As anyone in my family will happily tell you, I'm a pretty lazy girl. Consequently, there's nothing I love more than a shortcut or back route, if you will, that allows me to avoid doing anything along the lines of "work". Call me crazy, but there's just something about sink rituals that make them feel like labor. I'm good with brushing my teeth, probably since I have a mechanical toothbrush (I really wasn't kidding about being lazy) but it's washing my face that annoys me the most.

Enter the beloved "wipe." With one of these bad boys and a few flicks of my wrist, I can essentially cleanse my face without even having to get off my bed. How's that for laziness?

In recent years, the popularity of makeup-removing wipes has exponentially increased. There are now all sorts of options ranging from pricey MAC ones to the generic CVS brand. I've just about tried them all, and while they all pretty much more or less get the job done, one particular wipe rises far above the rest.

Sold at Target in the US, the Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes are nothing short of amazing. They claim to cleanse, tone, moisturize and remove eye make-up all at once. Normally I am really suspect of what the product is promoted to do, but folks, I completely believe them. These babies completely remove any trace of makeup on my face and can even make quick work of my waterproof mascara. They don't irritate my eyes or cause me to break out, and stay moist in their packages a lot better than some of the other brands.

At my Target, they're sold for $6 a pack and there are 30 wipes in each--quite a bargain especially considering the Neutrogena ones (a popular choice) only come with 25 and I've paid $9 for a package of those.

My nearest Target is a little bit out of the way, so when I go, I like to stock up...

Happy makeup-removing!

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